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Glory application market is officially launched, working with developers to create ecological value and achieve business win-win

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On November 23, Glory 100 series new product launch conference was held in Wuhan. At the conference, Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., announced that Glory Internet service product matrix was comprehensively upgraded, concentrated on creating an Internet service ecosystem exclusive to Glory users, committed to building a whole scene, facing all channels, serving all people, and creating a new intelligent world belonging to everyone.

As the official application distribution platform of Glory Terminal, Glory Application Market was officially launched with Glory 100 Series, ensuring application security through real-name authentication of developers, multiple security detection and other mechanisms, accurately recommending users through high-quality algorithms, comprehensively enabling developers to improve their business, and jointly realizing ecological co-construction and business win-win.

New platforms, new capabilities, new traffic, accelerating expansion growth

In the environment of scarce new traffic, rising cost of traffic acquisition and increasingly fierce competition in the industry, developers face pain points such as difficulty in development, difficulty in obtaining customers and difficulty in realizing. With its global brand momentum of rapid growth, Glory provides a breakthrough for developers to efficiently and accurately acquire customers and rapidly grow their business.

According to IDC's latest data, in the third quarter of 2023, Glory ranked first in China's smartphone market with a market share of 19.3%; Overseas, Glory's sales volume in the global market increased by 200% in 2023, accounting for more than 30% in overseas market, and is expected to exceed 40% in 2024, maintaining rapid growth momentum and building a large-scale global end-user traffic pool.

Relying on the huge user volume of Glory in the world, since its overseas launch in 2022, Glory application market has achieved user coverage in Europe, Asia-Pacific and other four regions, multilingual localization operation, and nearly 100 million stock users. The official launch of the Glory Application Market will provide developers with one-stop operation solutions throughout their life cycle, helping developers achieve double growth in user growth and traffic realization.

In terms of operation, Glory Application Market provides developers with convenient shelving channels and detailed shelving guidelines. Relying on Glory professional review team, it completes product safety & availability review through the dual mechanism of "machine review + human review," ensures rapid launch of excellent products, efficiently reaches high-quality users in 78 + language regions based on official distribution channels, and realizes accurate content recommendation through platform high-quality algorithm. In terms of growth, relying on strong data capability, it provides high-exposure resource positions for high-quality applications, accurately reaches target users, and accesses high-quality promotion positions through glory advertising platform to achieve high traffic growth.

Multiple support programs help developers, business growth "one step faster"

At present, the application content forms tend to be diversified, consumer demands tend to be personalized and diversified, which puts forward higher requirements for developers 'insight and operation ability. In order to help developers explore more business opportunities, break traffic bottleneck and honor consumer cloud services, a series of incentive policies and support plans such as Early Bird Plan and Glory Voyage Plan are launched.

As of November 30,2023, developers can participate in the incentive scheme of Early Bird Plan by accessing the corresponding glory application market services and corresponding points items, enjoy corresponding resources and exposure, determine the shortlisted quota according to the time when developers settle in glory and the accumulated points of various services such as commercial promotion in advance, and have the opportunity to obtain the commercial promotion amount ranging from 20,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, and directly recharge them into the commercial promotion account. For high-quality developers of different categories, Glory Voyage Plan provides 1 billion resources, specially supports intelligent innovation of developers, provides ultra-high traffic and brand exposure opportunities, accurately distributes partner services, and realizes "one step faster" business growth. Log in to the official website of Glory Developer Service Platform Developer., or send an email to to get in touch with the staff and enjoy preferential policies to make your application stand out.

With the continuous and extensive penetration of Internet applications and services, they are thoroughly integrated into the whole process of consumers 'life and entertainment, gradually constructing a new form of digital society. Under the new form, cloud service business development contains infinite vitality. Glory application market will help developers access smoothly, grow rapidly, operate in the long term and realize efficiently through continuous technology upgrading and service reform!

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