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The innovative training camp of Hongmeng School set sail to Shenzhen again, with the participation of more than 40 enterprises, including China Mobile and State Grid.

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Shulou( Report--

From November 21 to 23, 2023, Hongmeng School Innovation training Camp was reopened in Shenzhen. This is the sixth Hongmeng ecological empowerment training hosted by Huawei after Shanghai and Beijing Railway stations. Including China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom Tianyi Digital Life, State Grid, Bao Bao bus, Shun Feng Express, Pudong Development Bank, Guangfa Bank, scanning omnipotent King, safe car owner, cargo Lala, China Southern Airlines, YY, Berry Technology and other enterprises in more than 40 different fields of the country's more than 150 eco-technology partners to participate in the training.

In this training camp, more than 10 Hongmeng eco-technical experts introduced the characteristics of HarmonyOS system, the capabilities of DevEco tool kit, HarmonyOS application architecture, application development knowledge domain, HarmonyOS application / meta-service launch and other related knowledge to the participating partners. In addition to the rich empowering courses, the activity also helps partners better understand and experience HarmonyOS-related technical knowledge through hands-on practice, and sets up face-to-face communication between Huawei technical experts and technical partners, which can further answer questions and questions for partners. In the actual operation of the activity, the technical partner who participated in the training said after experiencing the capabilities of the DevEco tool kit: "it feels easy to use DevEco Studio for the first time, and the problem detection of environment configuration is easy and closed-loop with one click. In particular, the interface for debugging applications with ArkUI Inspector is as easy as debugging web pages. It is great! using DevEco previewer is very smooth, but also supports the debugging of components, but also very flexible!"

After three days of theoretical and practical training, the technical partners successfully obtained the HarmonyOS Application developer Advanced Certification Certificate issued by Huawei, which is used to certify that developers have the ability to design and develop HarmonyOS applications independently.

Today, there are more than 2.2 million HarmonyOS developers, and more than 3.5 million HarmonyOS developer theme activities have been attended. Recently, well-known enterprises, including Meituan, Sina Group, Qunar, Ali, Nail and other well-known enterprises have also announced the launch of the development of Hongmeng's native applications, and more and more leading enterprises from the Internet and other fields have joined Hongmeng's ecology. formed the prosperous scene of Hongmeng Qianfan.

Huawei has been empowering developers around technology and curriculum through a variety of industry salons, Hongmeng School and other activities. Hongmeng ecological development is also inseparable from the support and co-creation of partners and developers. Hope that in the future, more and more enterprises and developers will embrace Hongmeng Ecology, actively develop HarmonyOS applications and meta-services, and jointly build a beautiful Hongmeng world!

Interested developers can log on to the official website of Huawei developer Alliance School for more information about HarmonyOS courses and certification.

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