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Tesla began to provide FSD V12 autopilot to employees.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25, Musk announced earlier this month that Tesla FSD V12 autopilot will be put on trial within 2 weeks.

According to Not A Tesla App, FSD V12 has been deployed internally, with an updated version 2023.38.10, which Musk confirmed on X.

Musk briefly responded to reports about the first launch of FSD V12 to Tesla employees, replying to "Yes" in a post about the matter. noted that a major change in Tesla FSD V12 is the elimination of more than 300,000 lines of code that previously controlled the vehicle's FSD functions, making it more dependent on neural networks, meaning that the system is less dependent on hard-coding programming.

FSD V12 uses neural networks for the first time to control steering, acceleration and braking, and is currently limited to detecting objects and determining attributes.

FSD V12 represents a major leap forward in Tesla's FSD technology, which Musk describes as "end-to-end artificial intelligence", using the method of "visual input and control output".

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