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The composition of home circuits

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Tripping is a situation that happens to every family, so why on earth is it tripping? Let's start with the home circuit diagram.

Home circuit diagram what does the home circuit consist of? We can see that the home circuit is composed of the entry line of the meter box in the meter room, the electricity meter, the main switch and the home distribution box, household appliances and wires.

The household line provides power source for users, which is provided by outdoor low-voltage power network with a voltage of 220V. There are two lines to enter the house, one is the hot line and the other is the zero line.

There is no voltage between the zero line and the earth, and the voltage between the fire line and the zero line is 220 V.

Hot wire: l (LIVE), charged, generally red or brown.

Zero line: n (NEUTRAL), uncharged, generally blue, and hot wire work together to form a circuit.

Ground wire: EARTH, yellow-green or yellow, used to draw current away in case of leakage.

The electricity meter depends on how much you spend on electricity this month, and you may not want to see it in the hottest summer month or two.

The master switch controls the on-off of the whole home circuit.

When you need to replace electrical appliances or maintenance equipment at home, you can cut off and turn on the home circuit to ensure the safety of electricity.

Distribution box

It can be understood as the CPU which controls the whole home circuit and can manage each power shunt independently. The core device is the air switch, each air switch can manage a user shunt, such as home lighting shunt, air conditioning power shunt, socket shunt and so on.

What is an air switch? Air switch, also known as air circuit breaker, is a kind of circuit breaker and a very important part of household circuit. It has the functions of overload protection, short circuit protection and undervoltage protection. The common types of air switches are single P, double P and triple P.

Single P: only controls the on and off of the fire line.

Double P: control the on and off of fire line and zero line at the same time.

Three P: control the on and off of the three wires (fire wire, zero wire and ground wire).

How does the air switch work? To know why, we dissect the structure of the air switch and further analyze its working principle under different conditions.

01. Air switch structure

There are mainly connecting rod device, lock hook, over-current release and undervoltage release inside the air switch.

02. Working principle of air switch 1. Overcurrent working principle:

In the case of overcurrent, the over-current release will open the lock hook and disconnect the power supply.

That is, when the power circuit is overloaded or short-circuited, the overcurrent decoupling device will pull in and open the lock hook and disconnect the main contact, thus playing the role of short-circuit protection.

two。 Working principle of undervoltage:

In the case of undervoltage, the undervoltage release pushes the lock hook open and disconnects the power supply.

That is, when the voltage drops seriously or the power is cut off, the armature is released and the main contact is disconnected to achieve undervoltage protection.

We can see that the air switch can protect the overcurrent and undervoltage in the circuit. In fact, there is a very dangerous phenomenon of leakage in our circuit, which may lead to electric shock, fire and other serious consequences.

Then who will protect our personal and property safety at this time? The leakage protection switch has a great responsibility!

What is a leakage protection switch? The leakage protection switch, as its name implies, is a protective device used to prevent leakage in the circuit. When the electrical appliance or line insulation in the circuit is damaged, the leakage protection switch will automatically cut off the circuit to ensure the safety of the family.

The leakage protection switch can be simply understood as adding a leakage protector to the air switch.

The leakage protector is added to the air switch due to the leakage protection function, so the volume of the leakage protection switch is larger than that of the separate air switch.

The difference between the air switch and the air switch from the working principle, the leakage protection switch is to judge whether to trip or not according to the current difference between the hot wire and the zero line.

When leakage occurs, the current difference between the hot wire and the zero wire will exceed the set value, thus triggering the contact separation and cutting off the circuit.

Functionally, the leakage protection switch is safer and more perfect than the air switch, which can not only prevent overcurrent and undervoltage, but also prevent leakage.

Then the leakage protection switch is so excellent, is it the most perfect to be equipped with a full set of leakage protection switch directly at home?

How to choose the switch of the distribution box? In fact, the distribution box master switch and shunt switch is to choose leakage protection switch or air switch, there is no definite answer, you can refer to the following table, according to the actual situation and demand to choose.

(in the table, the air switch is empty, and the leakage protection switch is leakage protection switch. )

After talking so much, I believe you already have a certain understanding of the circuit at home. Let's go back to the question at the beginning. Why is there tripping?

Generally speaking, overload, short circuit, undervoltage and leakage in the circuit will lead to tripping.

How should we deal with tripping?

How to deal with tripping? First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the air switch tripping or the leakage protection switch tripping.

Refer to the following table again to deal with tripping according to the actual situation.

All right, that's all for today. I believe you already know how to make the hot pot boil again when you trip.

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