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Ideal L-series model OTA 5.0 will be launched to full users by the end of the year, supporting NOA, LCC and self-developed model Mind GPT.

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Shulou( Report--, November 25 (Xinhua)-- ideal Motors announced the biggest update in the history of ideal L-series models-- OTA 5.0will be available to full users by the end of the year, supporting full-scene intelligent driving (NOA), full-scene assisted driving (LCC), and self-developed model Mind GPT. From now on, ideal Automobile has 388 retail centers across the country, showing cars and test driving will be upgraded in an all-round way.

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Full scene intelligent driving

The national highway and urban ring lines are all covered, and the urban roads of 100 cities across the country are opened one after another. The city responds to the traffic lights, turns left and right through the intersection, enters and exits around the island, and controls the speed according to the road environment.

Full scene assistant driving

Automatically identify the traffic lights and automatically start and stop to complete the traffic. With the ability of "brain supplement" lane, it can support the traffic of 100 meters without lane line at the intersection, the diversion and confluence of the straight intersection, and can smoothly switch lanes independently.

Intelligent parking

Parking: mobile phone App key parking, decapitated parking space can also be parked. Intelligent scene recognition, active folding rearview mirror.

Valet parking: multi-storey basement can be driven, ramps, flat ground can be driven. The route is flexible, and you can reverse around when you encounter obstacles. Click to learn the driving route, find parking spaces, parking seats.

Active security

With the full integration of BEV-aware architecture and Lidar, AEB performance is improved, and automatic braking can be achieved at up to 110km / h. More extreme scenarios can be covered in AEB, such as robbing traffic at pedestrian junctions.

Brand new AI ideal classmate

Mind GPT, a self-developed large model of ideal car, supports car assistants, travel assistants, entertainment assistants and encyclopedic teachers.

Pure electric life promotion

With the help of fully self-developed vehicle central domain controller XCU and thermal management system, through the upgrade of battery control algorithm, a new energy-saving air-conditioning mode is added, and the pure electric mileage in winter is increased by 15% and 20% while ensuring the comfort of the car.

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