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With 18.12 billion US dollars, Nvidia surpassed TSMC and Intel to become the top earner in the chip industry.

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Shulou( Report-- November 25, financial analyst Dan Nystedt recently pointed out that based on the third quarter of 2023 earnings data, Nvidia surpassed TSMC and Intel to take the top spot in the chip industry.

Nvidia's third-quarter revenue was $18.12 billion ( note: currently about 129.377 billion yuan), up 206% from $5.931 billion in the same period last year and 34% from $13.507 billion in the previous quarter.

Nvidia's third-quarter net profit was $9.243 billion (currently about 65.995 billion yuan), up 1259% from $680 million a year earlier and 49% from $6.188 billion in the previous quarter.

Based on the data compiled by Nestat, attached Nvidia, TSMC, Intel and Samsung Semi data as follows:

Revenue in the third quarter of 2023 Invid's profit in the third quarter of 2023 reached $18.12 billion (currently about 129.558 billion yuan) $10.42 billion (currently about 74.503 billion yuan) TSMC $17.28 billion (currently about 1235.52 billion yuan) $7.21 billion (currently about 515.51 billion yuan) Intel $141.6 billion (currently about 1012.44 billion yuan) Loss of $8 million (currently about 57.2 million yuan) Samsung Semi125.2$ billion (currently about 89.518 billion yuan) loss of $2.86 billion (currently about 20.449 billion yuan) the reason why Nvidia performed well this quarter It is mainly due to the significant growth of many of its business units, which have had a multiplier effect on their income and income.

Nvidia's data center business is a rising star, although we have seen remarkable returns for most of its business since this time last year. It requires more and more TSMC to make chips that power accelerated artificial intelligence data centers.

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