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The domestic animated drama "biographies of mortals and Immortals" was launched on New year's Day, which was broadcast alone by bilibili.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 25, the domestic animation "Legend of mortals Xiuxian" New year's story "Xing Haifei" starts broadcasting today, and is broadcast exclusively on bilibili at 11:00 every Saturday (big members are required).

Han Li came out of the customs and finally became a knot! Embark on the way of collecting and refining magic weapon materials; the inland sea is turbulent, the situation is delicate, and the wonderful sound left makes it suddenly appear to intercept Han Li's intention unknown. noted that the Legend of mortals Xiuxian is a series of fantasy animation works co-produced by bilibili, Wanwei Cat Animation, the Force Animation and Golden Century Culture Media Wuxi Co., Ltd. The first season will be broadcast exclusively on bilibili on July 25, 2020.


Han Li, an ordinary teenager, was born in poverty. In order to enable his family to live a better life, he volunteered to go to Qixuan Gate to take an entry-level examination, and was eventually paid by a doctor.

At first, Dr. Mo carefully trained and taught medical skills to Han Li, so that Han Li was very grateful to him, but with the disappearance of his entry-level disciple Zhang tie, Han Licai discovered the true face of Dr. Mo.

Doctor Mo tried to seize Han Li, but was eventually killed by Han Li. Through Dr. Mo's suicide note, Han Li learned about a new world: the existence of Xiuxian world.

After helping Qixuanmen resist foreign enemies, Han Li left Qixuanmen and went to the doctor's home to find warm Yang Baoyu detoxification, and helped the Mohist family defeat the enemy.

Through the mouth of the ink color ring, the daughter of the doctor, Han Li decided to go to the Tainan club in order to follow the footsteps of the fairy. After saying goodbye to his family, Han Li came to Tainan Valley and got to know a lot of fairy practitioners. Officially launched his own journey to cultivate immortals.

The original Legend of mortals Xiuxian is a Xianxia Xiuzhen novel serialized on the Chinese website of the starting point. the author forgot to speak and started the book in 2007 and ended in 2017.

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