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Nashi U / V model is listed in Costa Rica and 500 overseas sales and service outlets will be set up next year.

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, the official announced the official launch of the car in Latin America, and held a new car launch in Costa Rica, Nezha U and V officially launched. After the launch, Naha Automobile's products will be fully sold in Costa Rica.

Zhang Yong, co-founder and CEO of Nezha Automobile, said that Costa Rica is the first stop in the Central and South American market of Najia Automobile and is an important milestone in overseas market expansion. noted that the Nezha V NEDC has a comprehensive range of 384km, equipped with a 14.6-inch boundless central control screen, 12-inch instrument screen, constant speed cruise, keyless entry, button-less startup and other intelligent configurations.

In 2024, Naha plans to expand its global sales network to 50 countries and set up 500 overseas sales and service outlets.

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