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"tumor directional blasting artifact", the first domestic proton therapy device "officially on duty"

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College affiliated Ruijin Hospital official account yesterday (November 24) released an article, said that "anti-cancer sharp weapon" the first domestic proton therapy device "officially on duty." Note: proton therapy is an anticancer weapon of precision radiotherapy, one of the advanced means of tumor radiotherapy in the world, a "tumor directional blasting artifact" and a "pearl in the crown of tumor radiotherapy".

Protons can concentrate on releasing the lethal dose of tumor at the tumor tissue, forming a Bragg peak; then the energy quickly falls back to zero to stop, fully protect the normal tissue around the tumor, and achieve a "precise attack" on the tumor.

Proton therapy has the advantages of less damage to normal tissue, low risk of recurrence, and less short-term and long-term side effects.

The first domestic proton therapy system jointly developed by Ruijin Hospital has been approved by National Healthcare Security Administration, in line with the principle of allowing patients to enjoy high-end medical services and greatly reduce the treatment burden at the same time, the current fee standard of the first domestic proton therapy system is: the maximum fee per course of treatment for the same indication is no more than 170000 yuan.

"highly accurate, lower burden" the first domestic proton therapy device officially went to clinical treatment, so that domestic patients can also enjoy international cutting-edge radiotherapy technology at home.

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