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Red Devil 9 Pro series mobile phones launch "lie flat without worry" set: including 1 year later cover and unlimited broken screensaver, starting from 4919 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, the Red Devils 9 Pro series in launched a "lie flat" purchase set, including a year later cover (original price 99 yuan) and one year unlimited broken screensaver (original price 899 yuan), the price starts at 4919 yuan.

Red Devils 9 Pro

12+256GB:4919 element

12+512GB:5319 element

Red Devils 9 Pro+

16+256GB:5619 element

16+512GB:5919 element

24+1TB:7119 element

Configuration information attached to

Red Devil 9 Pro adopts super-futuristic aesthetics, using customized lenses to cover integrated glass and internal components, the light transmittance of the glass is increased by 14%, the scratch resistance coefficient is increased by 32%, the process cost is increased by 40%, and the thickness is 8.9mm, providing three colors: night knight, deuterium front transparent dark night, deuterium front transparent silver wing.

In terms of screen, the Red Devil 9 Pro series uses the fifth generation off-screen super-competitive comprehensive screen, which claims to have "the best visual effect in the history of the Red Devil". The new machine is equipped with a 6.8inch 2480mm 1116 resolution AMOLED flexible straight screen with a screen ratio of 93.7%. The first BOE under-screen Q9 + luminous material uses 2160Hz ultra-high frequency PWM dimming + DC dimming, supports 960Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, 2000Hz screen instantaneous touch sampling rate, peak brightness 1600nit, and has 10bit color depth. The new machine also uses 1600 megapixel off-screen front-shooting, which improves detail resolution by 30 per cent.

In terms of performance, Red Devil 9 Pro is equipped with performance Iron Triangle: the third generation Snapdragon 8 + full blood version LPDDR5X+UFS4.0, the first 10,000-level iceberg VC, the new alloy fan + waterfall air duct, and the CUBE energy engine through EVS scheduling, power freezing and super competition technology to achieve high energy and low consumption, the game is full of frames or even super frames. An rabbit runs at room temperature with a score of 2291328 and laboratory runs with a running score of 2321054. The original god 60 minutes average frame rate 60fps, the highest temperature is 39.3C, the average power consumption is 5.2W, "collapse: star Dome Railway" 120min extremely high quality average frame rate is also 60fps.

In terms of battery life, the Red Devils 9 Pro is equipped with 6500mAh battery + 80W fast charge, 35 points full 100%. The Red Devils 9 Pro+ is equipped with 5500mAh battery + 165W ultra-fast flash charge, which is full in 16 minutes. The whole system supports USB 3.2gen2 protocol, full-function TYPE-C, global custom charge separation. Nubia nubia Red Devils 9 Pro+ [lie flat set] 5619 yuan direct link Nubia nubia Red Devils 9 Pro [lie flat set] 4919 yuan direct link

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