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Shanling CD-T35 Hall-level CD all-in-one is released, with a price of 89980 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- November 25 news, Shanling today released the CD-T35 palace-class CD all-in-one, a global limit of 99 units, pure CD deluxe version retail price of 89980 yuan, CD + earphone version retail price of 99980 yuan, will be officially launched in December.

Shanling said that CD-T35 inherited from the legendary Shanling model CD-T300, using a variety of out-of-print precious components, no matter from the appearance, internal layout and even sound characteristics are combined with Shanling audio research and development team over the years of technical accumulation and R & D experience.

The specifications of the Fushanling CD-T35 CD all-in-one are as follows:

Philips CD-PRO2 movement

Dual AKM AK4499EQ D / A chip

Separate multi-transformer power supply system

Tripod structure, solid whole aluminum CNC fuselage

Customized Android CD playback system based on Snapdragon 665

Each CD-T35 has an independent numbered nameplate. After production and processing, the Shanling senior engineer will check the index and leave the factory.

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