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With 340000 views in two days of launch, the "Star Citizen" game upgrades the star engine: no load, a mirror to travel through the universe.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 25 (Xinhua)-- Game Studio Cloud Imperium Games recently released a 24-minute technical demonstration video demonstrating the real-time operation of the Star Citizen game after upgrading the Star engine (StarEngine).

In the video, the developers use movie technology to demonstrate many upgrades brought about by the star engine, such as the ability for players to seamlessly explore the world without loading (even switching between space and planetary scenes).

In addition, you can clearly mark most of the NPC and player positions on the map, show the interior of the spacecraft in detail, render urban traffic in real time, bring realistic weather effects, credible character models (and even simulate tears and sweat), giant flying creatures in space, and so on. Note: the video is from the official Interstellar Citizen channel, uploaded by the owl I am your broken Wall Man. Cloud Imperium Games has previously conducted a similar technical demonstration at the CitizenCon exhibition, but this new video is based on the Interstellar Citizen game.

Compared with the previous demonstration, the new video can be seen to increase the overall brightness, increase the number of ships in some scenes, and improve the effects of lighting, clouds, clothing and spacecraft collisions.

The video was uploaded to YouTube two days ago and has been viewed more than 340,000 times and garnered more than 20,000 likes as of press time at IT House, making it the second most viewed video on the channel.

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