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Chinese Academy of Sciences has made important progress in reliability and thermal management of gallium nitride GaN devices.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, according to the Institute of Microelectronics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently, a team of researchers from the High Frequency and High Voltage Center of the Institute of Microelectronics Liu Xinyu made a breakthrough in the reliability and thermal management of gallium nitride electronic devices, and six research results were selected into the 14th International Conference of Nitride Semiconductors ICNS-14 (The 14th International Conference on Nitride Semiconductors).

Nitride semiconductors have a wide range of applications in optoelectronics, energy, communications and other fields. With the rapid development of new downstream applications and the continuous breakthrough of substrate preparation technology, nitride semiconductor power devices have achieved great improvement in cost and efficiency. However, the bottleneck problems such as threshold drift, current collapse and thermal management still restrict the breakthrough of device reliability and limit its expansion to higher voltage and higher power applications.

The research team successfully applied alumina passivation technology to effectively restore the two-dimensional electron gas of thin barrier gallium nitride devices, and experimentally determined the charge source and the amount of interface charge, which laid a technical foundation for the independent development of ultra-thin barrier enhanced devices.

In terms of reliability, the team used high-temperature remote plasma pretreatment technology to stably reproduce the atomic step morphology and improve the threshold drift and current collapse of the device. The team also deeply studied the origin and suppression mechanism of deep-level interface states, which provided a theoretical basis for further improving the performance of the device. For the P-GaN gate enhanced HEMTs, the team uses the lightly doped drain technology to effectively regulate the two-dimensional electron gas concentration under the gate and the off-state surface electric field, so that the device can obtain better off-state characteristics. The team also independently built an inductor load evaluation platform, using this platform to study the dynamic on-resistance of commercial Schottky P-GaN gate devices and HD-GIT devices in complex operating modes, which provides a new idea for the stability of p-GaN gate GaN HEMT.

In terms of thermal management, the team reduced the junction temperature of the device by 50 ℃ by introducing a high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride passivation medium and designing a heat dissipation channel on the front of the device. The team also developed SenseFET current detection elements based on lumped parameter electrothermal network (LPETN) model to achieve high-precision detection of temperature distribution and conduction current distribution of GaN power devices.

The above six research results were presented orally / poster on ICNS-14, and the two works were evaluated by the conference "best student award". The correspondent authors of the related results are Huang Sen, Wang Xinhua and Jiang Qimeng, researchers of the Institute of Microelectronics. The research work is supported by the national key research and development programs, the key projects of the Nature Fund and the Qiu Mo Foundation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Note: ICNS is one of the most authoritative and influential academic conferences in the field of nitride, bringing together famous scientists, engineers and industry figures in the field of nitride semiconductors around the world.

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