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Chen Wei, former assistant to Jack Ma: Ma's kitchen certainly doesn't make premade dishes.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) according to Sina Technology, Chen Wei, a former assistant to Jack Ma, said in a post on moments today that he suddenly saw that "Mr. Ma entered the premade food and spread it all over the place", but "Ma's kitchen definitely doesn't make premade food." However, as for what Ma's kitchen does, Chen Wei only said, "We really don't know."

Chen Wei revealed that after joining Alibaba, this group of people, including himself, mainly listened to Jack Ma talk about two things: one is to make business that is not difficult to do in the world, and the other is to talk about his "Ma's secret old duck pot."

He said that whenever the company celebrates or suffers setbacks, Jack Ma begins to talk about food, speaking "vividly". When he saw the media saying that Ma's kitchen was going to cook premade dishes, Chen Wei said he "almost sprayed rice" and said that "eating is an avenue of the world, not a track to make a lot of money by investment."

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According to the website of the national enterprise credit information publicity system, Hangzhou Majia Kitchen Food Co., Ltd. was established on November 22, with a legal representative of PAU JASON JOHN, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. The scope of business includes food sales (only selling prepackaged food), import and export of goods, wholesale of edible agricultural products, wholesale of daily necessities, hotel management, technical services, etc.

The equity panorama shows that the company is wholly owned by Hangzhou Dajingtou Ershi II Culture and Art Co., Ltd., which is 99.9% owned by Jack Ma.

Premade food has been a hot topic on the Internet since the beginning of this year, and there has been a lot of controversy around it. According to the data, the scale of China's prefabricated vegetable market will reach 419.6 billion yuan in 2022, and it is expected to exceed one trillion yuan in 2026.

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