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Good news | AIRLOOK won the third prize in the Enterprise Group of "Creator Beijing 2023" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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Shulou( Report--

The finals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of "founder Beijing 2023" came to a successful conclusion. Ellock Aerospace Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter collectively referred to as AIRLOOK) stood out from thousands of enterprises for the first time and won the third prize in the Enterprise Group of the Competition.

Since 2016, the scale of the "Creator Beijing" competition has expanded year by year, with a total of nearly 20,000 entries, and a large number of high-quality teams and excellent projects with technology, market and potential have emerged. drive more than 400 enterprises to develop into "specialized and special new" enterprises and national "little giant" enterprises.

The award-winning project of the AIRLOOK competition is the development and application of the real scene 3D digital twin technology based on AIGC, which uses artificial intelligence, graphics and image computing technology to reconstruct the actual scene into 3D digital twin. The project aims to improve the efficiency and accuracy of digital twin modeling and obtain a more realistic and updatable digital twin model, and then through the self-built PaaS platform. It is applied in digital twin city, virtual reality, meta-universe and so on.

The project combines AIGC technology to realize the automatic generation and fine modeling of the digital twin model to improve the modeling efficiency and accuracy; at the same time, the self-developed 3D scene construction engine, overlay rendering and cloud rendering engines are suitable for multi-scene and multi-client applications such as digital twin city and meta-universe.

Zhang Shuai, head of AIRLOOK Map Open platform

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