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Exploring the true meaning of industry development 2023 China SaaS Conference came to a successful conclusion

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Shulou( Report--

November 17-19, the three-day 2023 China SaaS Conference was solemnly held at the Taihu Lake Marriott Hotel in Suzhou. The conference was under the guidance of Wuzhong District people's Government and Suzhou Industrial and Information Bureau, hosted by Cui Niuhui, and co-sponsored by Suzhou Taihu National Tourism Holiday Resort Management Committee. The conference gathered industry leaders, founders of To B, CEO, CIO, executives of industry leading enterprises, well-known investors, government officials, experts and scholars, and analysts of research institutions. More than 100 dignitaries were invited to There was an endless stream of admiring attendees, with a sea of people, full seats and a warm atmosphere, and thousands of people attended the meeting, which is unprecedented.

China SaaS Conference, which is already the ninth session this year, has long enjoyed a high reputation in the industry as the highest specification, largest scale and most far-reaching activity in the SaaS industry. With the theme of "Evolution-Change for All", this year's conference includes four levels: entertainment, social networking, industry insight and practical courses. Starting from the current situation in the turbulent To B field, this year's conference explores the true meaning of the development of China's SaaS industry through a detailed analysis of the changes in market, technology, ecology and management. With a super lineup, wonderful content and interesting activities, this offline gathering has once again become an industry event with hot topics, high gold content, large amount of information and strong interaction. As many guests said, this conference will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the industry.

Cui Niuhui founder & CEO Cui Qiang

This year, Cui Niuhui deeply interviewed and investigated 300 + SaaS manufacturers. At the main forum of the conference, Cui Niuhui founder & CEO Cui Qiang delivered a speech with the theme of "blowing the horn of enterprise service breaking growth & cloud map release" and released the 2023 SaaS industry annual research report, which was interpreted in detail. In addition, Cui Niuhui, together with Volcano engine, jointly launched the 2024 China Enterprise Service Cloud Map (selected version), which brings together the best enterprises in China's digital field, and will become an important "treasure book" for customers to choose digital transformation service providers.

2024 Cloud Map of Chinese Enterprise Service

01 celebrities gather to talk about the changes of China's SaaS

Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo Group and partner of Lenovo Venture Capital

The change and invariance of Chinese enterprise software, digital China and the acceleration of Xinchuang have brought great changes to Chinese enterprise software. what are the constants and variables of Chinese software in the next decade? Which ones are the same? What is changing? Song Chunyu, vice president of Lenovo and partner of Lenovo Venture Capital, gave his own answer to these questions, saying in his speech that software + AI will reshape China's industrial development, and the AI model will redefine the trillion-scale software market. Chinese software needs to be linked from low-level innovation to top-level design, and it is in urgent need of policy support to promote the high-quality development of the industry.

Wang Wenjing, chairman and CEO of Yuyou Network

At the main forum of the conference, Wang Wenjing, chairman of Yuyou Network and CEO, delivered a wonderful speech with the theme of "thinking and practice of Industrial Management". In Wang Wenjing's view, why can professionalization better create value for customers? When it comes to the digital intelligence stage, both the front-end business system of the customer and the function management system of the middle background must go deep into the customer's business scene. There are business differences among enterprises in different industries, if they do not operate according to the industry, it is difficult to really go deep into customers and create corresponding value.

At the same time, Wang Wenjing also advocated at the conference that the whole industry should strengthen the connection between products and formulate a reasonable price strategy while enhancing the value of products.

In the main forum, Luo Xu, founder of Dianghuan salesman & CEO, as the host of the round table conversation, had an in-depth conversation with DiDi CIO Cai Xiaoou and Song Shiwu, CIO of Cofco Fulinmen Food Marketing Co., Ltd., on the topic of "China's SaaS in the eyes of customers". The development of SaaS in China has always been controversial, and there is even the view that "China does not need SaaS". So, does the domestic market need SaaS? What kind of SaaS do you need? The dialogue was answered from the customer's point of view.

Since the beginning of this year, AI has once again become the most concerned topic. In the era of AI, how do enterprises integrate their own products, services and AI technology to produce ideal results? What opportunities and challenges will the product bring when it enters the period of reconstruction? To this end, Cui Niuhui founder & CEO Cui Qiang talked to Zhang Qingyuan, CEO of Jinshan Office, and shared their observation and thinking at the conference.

Group photo of representatives of Demo Show participating enterprises

One of the highlights of this conference is that Demo Show--, jointly launched by Cui Niuhui and Intelligent Cloud, selected 4 of the more than 40 intended products to be combined with AI models, featuring and impacting products. Through the on-screen demonstration, you can directly feel the power of SaaS+AI models.

Corning, president of Huawei Cloud Global Ecology Department

Corning, president of Huawei Cloud Global Ecology Department, said in a wonderful speech with the theme of "Building a healthy and sustainable new ecology based on core technologies" that cloud services, SaaS software and other industries still have a broad space in China, and the next decade will be the golden decade of China's core technological innovation. The key to core technological innovation lies in ecology, which determines the voice of the digital world. China needs to establish a new technological ecology that is innovative, reliable, credible and neutral.

In recent years, the commercialization of platform manufacturers has accelerated obviously. will this acceleration bring more "good" or "bad" to ISV ecological partners? On this topic, Ming Daoyun founder & CEO Ren Xianghui, as the host, joined hands with the dialogue guests: Wang Ming, general manager of the nail open platform, Li Zhifeng, vice president of WeCom, and Xu Huabin, vice president of Tencent Cloud, bringing about the theme dialogue "the way to the growth of ISV after the acceleration of commercialization".

In addition to focusing on ISV's ecosystem and model, what kind of spark will SaaS companies collide with consulting firms? In the dialogue session with the theme of "the Breakdown Point of SaaS Consulting Ecology", Gao Haiyan, host and customer director of Tencent Cloud, Li Zhiyong, head of business development and managing director of Accenture Greater China, and Feng Hao, managing partner of digital transformation and data services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Greater China, and partner of digital and technology consulting of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Gu Qinghua, head partner of Ernst & Young Greater China Science and Technology Consulting, Managing partner of data Intelligence Consulting and Executive Director of Digital Office, launched an in-depth discussion.

Just like working with consulting firms, the construction of channel partners is also crucial for SaaS vendors. In the theme of "Channel is king?" Growth is unstoppable! During the dialogue, host Iridium Cloud supply chain CEO Feng Jie, Sichuan Xiaotian Science and Technology General Manager Zhang Jianyong, Shanghai Yan Information General Manager Yu Zheng, Ningbo Mengju Interconnection Technology CEO Ding Jian launched a wonderful discussion.

02 actual combat to explore the road of China's SaaS

In the "master stage" session of the conference, Wang Ming, general manager of nail open platform, Zhu Wenze, senior director of intelligent content architecture for volcano engine, CEO Xin Jiyun, founder of experiencer XMPlus, and Liang Xiwei, vice president of Poliway Technology, brought their own wonderful sharing.

Lu Yang, General Manager of Volcano engine Market

In his keynote speech on "how to build a marketing system for B2B startups", Lu Yang, general manager of Volcano engine Marketing, shared thoughts on how to design and solve the functional structure, marketing focus, manpower, budget, inter-departmental collaboration and other issues of the marketing department at different stages of enterprise development.

Zhang Lei, General Manager of YonSuite Marketing Center, Executive President of Youyou Network

Zhang Lei, executive president of Yuyou Network and general manager of YonSuite Marketing Center, delivered a speech with the theme of "New Environment, New Model of SaaS growth" at the meeting.

Wu Lin, founder and CEO of Mental AI, he run, co-founder and CEO of Zhiqu Baichuan, and Chen Xiaojie, vice president of Kyligence's global cloud business, revolve around "how does B2B SaaS start with data to achieve quantitative marketing in the new normal?" Start a conversation.

Cui Niu took some photos at the closed-door meeting.

Cui Niu closed door meeting is the To B business practice training organized by Cui Niu Association. This conference consists of ten closed-door meetings, focusing on key words such as product, customer success, capital, AI, organization, going out to sea, partner system, SaaS strategy, customer strategy, retail, etc., and forms methods and strategies that can be used for reference or can be landed according to their own practice.

Lecturer of Open course on Marketing and sales growth

In the open course on marketing growth and sales growth at this conference, Gao Yan, the director of "random stew marketing", Yuan Huajie, vice president of Fan soft, Dong Fangying, general manager of Taiyang data system products, Li Zhiguo, head of customer marketing, Xia Kai, founder of the sales compass, and Chang Xin, co-founder of win-win marketing and corporate growth consultant, had a wonderful sharing on various issues of concern to everyone.

03 make concerted efforts to create the future of Chinese SaaS

Debate contestants take a group photo with the jury.

On the night of the EC debate at the 2023 China SaaS Conference, it revolved around "after the low tide of VC, should SaaS continue to maintain high growth, or shrink to make money?" This debate topic, eight big names in the field of To B, contributed a wonderful ideological feast to the live audience.

Zhang Xingliang, founder and CEO of EC CRM, served as chairman of the debate, including Han Yi, executive director of Yunqi Capital, Yang Jiongwei, founder & CEO of Willhouse, Luo Xu, founder & CEO, founder & CEO Lanxi, founder of Huanghuan, and opposing party composed of Liu Zhao, founder of Qinzhi, he Pei, founding partner of Jingya Capital, Ren Xianghui, founder of Mingdaoyun, and Ma Chunquan, founder of CEO.

The debate was packed with applause and laughter. When we heard the highlights, the audience applauded and applauded. At the end of the event, everyone was still full of thoughts. Many viewers commented that this was the hottest and most exciting debate in years.

ToB female Entrepreneur Salon scene

This conference has created an easy and interactive activity for women entrepreneurs-the Women Entrepreneurship Salon. At the event, the distinguished guests opened their hearts to talk about their entrepreneurial process and jointly discuss their entrepreneurial experience.

In addition, in the SaaS roadshow-Cui Niuhui VIP member special session, this roadshow invited 30 + investment institutions and strategic investment department leaders of listed companies, including Jingya Capital, Gaocheng Capital, Oriental Fuhai, Yuyou Zhan Investment, Guangyuan Capital, Jinshan Office, etc., to provide VIP members with face-to-face communication opportunities with a number of investment institutions. In the "Capital face to face" activity, Cui Niu VIP members and well-known institutional investors 1-to-1 in-depth communication, access to senior investors' advice.

The conference also arranged Cui Niu Club VIP member reception, in a relaxed atmosphere, Cui Niu Club VIP members, listed company chairman / CEO / head of war investment, partners of multinational consulting firms in China, heads of investment institutions to talk about cooperation, talk about experiences, spit lessons, enjoy good food, enjoy fine wine, and promote networking, cooperation discussion and experience sharing among members.

2023 SaaS Elite Games site

The SaaS Elite Games is one of the important events of the SaaS Conference, which aims to make entrepreneurs understand the unique charm of sports, enhance their health awareness and improve their physical quality. At the sports meeting of this conference, basketball, football, table tennis, Mini fun run and badminton match were arranged, and the enterprise software and SaaS founder & CEO participated in the event. Through the competition of physical strength and endurance, they inspired the fighting spirit of struggle and enterprising spirit, and at the same time communicated with each other and deepened their understanding. In addition, many guests of this conference also participated in the Suzhou marathon around Taihu Lake.

At the end of the dinner, the organizing committee took a group photo with some of the guests.

The SaaS Night invitation Dinner is the annual "Cui Niu Family Banquet", which focuses on connecting and bridging the social distance between the butter people. The SaaS Elite Games award ceremony was also held at the dinner.

In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, the 2023 China SaaS Conference came to a successful conclusion. Participants and listeners said that the wonderful content of this summit has brought a lot of inspiration and fruitful results, while the rich and colorful activities have brought people closer, relaxed physically and mentally, and have a lot of good memories. I still feel like I still have enough. I look forward to getting together again at SaaS next year!

I would like to thank the partners and support units of this conference:

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