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Global limited 8 sets: Pagani Huayra Imola Roadster supercar unveiled with a maximum horsepower of 850hp

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 25 (Xinhua)-- supercar manufacturer Pagani recently unveiled the latest version of its Huayra car line, the Huayra Imola Roadster, on Thursday local time. The car is limited to 8 units worldwide, and the price has not been announced yet, but this does not affect all partners to set it as wallpaper for their mobile phones or computers.

According to reports, Pagani launched the Huayra Imola Coupe version in 2020, with a global limit of 5 sets, designed to pay homage to the legendary Italian track San Marino Imola. The launch of the model has also improved in performance, with a maximum power of 850 horsepower, a maximum torque of 1100N ·m and a weight of only 1260kg.

The car carries a 6.0T V12 twin-turbocharged engine provided by Mercedes-AMG, matches the seven-speed Xtrac serial transmission and the top-speed 350km/h.

The new car uses a more advanced and complex design than the Imola Coupe launched in 2020, and officials say the Imola Roadster combines the cutting-edge technology of Huayra Roadster BC with the design and aerodynamics of the Huayra R sports car.

In order to achieve stronger performance, the ventilation and heat dissipation opening area on both sides of the front of the new car is increased, and the ventilation opening on the front wheel wing plate is also optimized.

Officials say every detail of the new car's body is designed to provide drivers with 600kg pressure in 280km/h conditions. In addition, the chassis is made of Carbo Titanium HP62-G2 (literally carbon-titanium alloy) and Carbo Triax HP62 lightweight material, and the weight of the vehicle is further reduced by new painting technology. 5kg.

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