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Ideal car: MEGA's body-in-white design is much more difficult than that of high-speed rail, with 44.5% aluminum alloy.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 26, ideal Automobile Weibo said that in the opinion of Dr. Ko Dongpeng, head of body safety of ideal MEGA Fortress, the ideal MEGA body-in-white design is much more difficult than that of high-speed rail: "the ideal MEGA body development and design far exceeds the safety requirements of C-NCAP and China Insurance Research, and thinks more from the perspective of family safety, to create the top safety MPV in the industry."

It is understood that the ideal MEGA is equipped with a deeply self-developed defensive body structure-the ideal fortress safety body, the connecting parts of the lower body are made of vacuum high-pressure cast aluminum parts to form a safe and reliable foundation frame, and the AB columns related to the strong collision on the upper body are made of thermoformed steel to ensure the safety of the cabin.

The whole vehicle adopts the structure of upper steel and lower aluminum, the weight of body-in-white is about 500kg, and the amount of aluminum alloy is 44.5%. With bilateral symmetrical design, one side can bear 15 tons of roof load, and the torsional stiffness of the body is as high as 44000N.m/deg. previously reported that the ideal MEGA opened bookings on the first day of the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, only one hour and 42 minutes, and the order paid 5000 yuan for more than 10, 000 vehicles.

The ideal MEGA Max is expected to sell for less than 600000 yuan, and the official price will be announced at the press conference in December 2023. The deposit is refundable at any time before the order is confirmed, and delivery will begin in late February 2024.

The ideal MEGA is 5350/1965/1850mm in length, width and height, with a wheelbase of 3300 mm, with a seat layout of three rows and seven seats, and a traditional MPV layout of 2'2'3. The third row of seats can not only fold the back forward to expand the space, but also can be completely turned up and folded forward. After the three rows of seats are folded and flipped, the length of the luggage compartment reaches 1066mm.

The new car will use motors from Huawei and United Motors, with maximum power of 155kW and 245kW, with an acceleration of 5.5 seconds at 100 km. the first engine will be equipped with Ningde Kirin 5C battery and "charge 500km in 12 minutes".

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