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GAC GROUP launched the world's first panoramic music album "tracing to the Source"

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Shulou( Report-- November 26 news, the world's first panoramic sound music album co-created by Guangzhou Automobile Group has been launched on domestic mainstream music platforms (Netease Cloud, QQ Music, Cool Dog, Cool Me, Himalaya).

It is understood that the album has a total of 10 pure music singles, sound collection is located in Qinghai Sanjiangyuan National Park. Through a car equipped with GAC ADiGO SOUND system and professional recording equipment, the creative team collects various natural, environmental and audio sounds, and carefully edits and mixes them to form a panoramic sound album created by people and vehicles.

A car equipped with GAC ADiGO SOUND system uses Dolby panoramic sound decoding technology and algorithm, and with 7.3.4 7.3.2X channel speakers, the sound effect can be adjusted according to passengers in different positions in the vehicle. At the same time, download Netease Cloud in Haobo GT and HT car engine system, and you can also listen to the album of "Sound of Tracing." with tracks:


1. Heart of the River

2. Icewind Valley

3. Dancing Rivers

4. Sound like summer flowers

5. Gobi Secret Language

6. Wetland Symphony

7. Tibetan Elves

8. Prayer Journey

9. Herdsman's House

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