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It is reported that there is a quality problem with the Meta Quest 3 head display Elite headband: the battery life is less than 1 hour, and the power supply is occasionally cut off.

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Shulou( Report-- November 30 news, According to foreign media "Road to VR" report, Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap head display elite headband has serious charging problems, This $130 ( note: Currently about 928 yuan) accessories due to "firmware problems," Cause its battery life less than 1 hour, In addition to occasionally unable to power Quest 3 head display.

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Meta claimed that Meta had been aware of the defect and removed the relevant accessories from the market, but did not recall the relevant products.

Meta launched the Quest 3 headset on October 10 this year. Although the headset is more powerful, its battery life is lower than that of Quest 2, so customers want to improve the battery life of the headset through Elite headbands, but in the end these headbands do not significantly extend the user's battery life.

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