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China Unicom: Chen Zhongyue has become chairman and party secretary of China Unicom Group.

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Thanks to netizens Shenzhen Liangzi and CMCC for the clue delivery! According to news on November 26, China Unicom announced this evening that it received notice from the holding company China Unicom Group on November 25 that Chen Zhongyue, director and president of the company, had become chairman and party secretary of China Unicom Group. The company will actively promote the election of the board of directors in accordance with the procedures.

According to a public resume, Chen Zhongyue was born in June 1971 and went to work in July 1990. He is a member of the Communist Party of China, a senior engineer, and has a master's degree. He graduated from Shanghai School of posts and Telecommunications in 1990, received a master's degree in economics from Zhejiang University in 1998, and received a master's degree in business administration from Xiamen University in 2011.

Previously, he has been working in China Telecom, where he has served as deputy general manager and party group member of China Telecom Zhejiang Branch, general manager of China Telecom Public customer Division, general manager and party group secretary of China Telecom Shanxi Branch.

According to news in October 2014, Chen Zhongyue was promoted to party member and deputy general manager of China Telecom Group. According to the public disclosure of China Telecom, in December 2014, he was appointed Executive Vice President of China Telecom.

In January 2021, Chen Zhongyue was appointed director, general manager and deputy secretary of the party group of China Unicom. noted that Liu Liehong previously served as party secretary and chairman of China Unicom. He is currently a member of the Party Group of the National Development and Reform Commission and Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the State data Bureau.

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