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Still can not hide, a cross-border bus seat on both sides of the column hidden 300 CPU was seized by the Customs

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Thanks netizen Hua Ke high achiever's clue delivery!, November 26 (Xinhua) nowadays, it is not uncommon for tourists to be investigated for hiding large amounts of digital products or computer hardware. Although they have a variety of ways to hide these things, it is still difficult to escape the "golden eye" of the customs machine inspection images.

According to the official account tweeted by the Customs today, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Customs, which belongs to Gongbei Customs, recently uncovered a suspected case of using cross-border passenger cars to hide and smuggle 300 CPU into the country.

At about 12: 00 on November 16, the customs officer found that the image was abnormal when he inspected a Guangdong-Macao passenger car. After further inspection, customs officers found a total of 300 hidden central processing units (CPU) in the pillars on the left and right sides of the front seats of the car. At present, the case has been further dealt with in accordance with the regulations.

The passenger hid the CPU in the post in front of the front seat and closed the protective cover of the area of the original car, but the CPU still had nothing to hide in the face of abnormal machine images.

Customs reminder: according to the relevant regulations, to evade customs supervision by concealing, camouflage, concealing, falsely reporting or other means, whoever transports, carries or posts goods or articles prohibited or restricted by the state or goods or articles that are subject to duty according to law is an act of smuggling, and if the circumstances seriously constitute a crime, he will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Note: there are four main ways to deal with confiscated goods by customs.

Public auction: according to the processing progress, the customs entrusts the auction house to hold an auction from time to time, handle the confiscated items publicly, and hand over all the proceeds from the auction to the state treasury.

Targeted sale: for example, the refined oil confiscated by the Customs according to law shall be uniformly purchased by the oil wholesale enterprises under the China National Petroleum Corporation or the China Petrochemical Corporation in accordance with the relevant provisions.

Destruction: seized obscene materials, illegally published audio-visual products, illegal publicity materials, smuggled cigarettes, import and export goods that are unqualified for inspection or unable to obtain health licenses should be destroyed and disposed of.

Handed over to the competent department for handling: confiscated cultural relics, endangered animals and plants and their products shall be handed over to the competent administrative department for handling in accordance with the law.

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