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Guangxi Consumer Council evaluates 15 home cameras, 13 of which have information security risks.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clues of selling melons in the back row!, November 26, according to the official account of Guangxi Consumer Council and Guangxi Consumer Rights Protection Commission (referred to as Guangxi Consumer Council), 15 home camera products were compared in terms of electrical safety, App information security and subjective experience evaluation.

According to reports, the comparison experiment randomly purchased 15 home cameras from offline and e-commerce platforms, including puffins (Huawei), Xiaomi, fluorite, Lenovo and other brands, with unit prices ranging from 150 yuan to 415 yuan.

The ▲ map is from Guangxi Consumer Council, and the test results are as follows:

Electrical safety index testing: signs and instructions, electrical strength, electrical gap and creeping distance and insulation penetration distance, contact current and protective conductor current, radiation disturbance, power terminal disturbance voltage 9 samples "Xiaomi, puffin (Huawei), Haier, Le Orange, Mercury security, fluorite, TP-LINK, Ruitak, ZTE (ZTE)", which meet the relevant electrical safety index standards of GB4943.1-2022 and GB8898-2011.

Five samples "Huashi, oxygen hunting, small value, radium vision, Rubik's cube bird" do not meet the relevant electrical safety standards of GB4943.1-2022 and GB4943.1-2011.

One sample "Lenovo" did not explicitly implement the recommended national standard GB / T 9254.1-2021 for this laboratory test. Although the measured data of the project "radiation emission below 1GHz" exceeded the requirements of the standard, no judgment was made on the results.

In "signs and instructions", the home camera samples of "Huashi, oxygen Hunt, Rubik's Cube Bird" do not meet the requirements of national standards.

"Electrical gap, creeping distance and insulation penetration distance", "electrical gap" and "creeping distance", "Huashi, oxygen hunting, radium vision" household camera samples do not meet the requirements of the national standard.

"Electrical strength test", "Huashi, oxygen hunting, radium Weishi" household camera samples do not meet the requirements of national standards.

App information security index test: the minimum necessity of collecting personal information and the authorization consent test results show that there are widespread information security risks in the use of App for household cameras.

In the information security test project, only two samples "fluorite and Rubik's cube bird" perform well, all in line with the recommended national standards.

Some of the 12 samples do not meet the recommended national standards.

One sample "Lenovo" does not meet the recommended national standards.

Subjective experience evaluation: imaging clarity, control sensitivity of terminal equipment, convenience of installation and use of App are simulated by testing institutions to simulate indoor environment, using the same mainstream brand terminal equipment, under the same network conditions, the home use scene is restored to the maximum extent, and the installation operation of sample App, the sensitivity of operation response when using, and the imaging clarity presented in the terminal equipment are compared.

Each experience project adopts a 10-point scale, with a total of 30 points.

Two samples of "puffin (Huawei) and Le Orange" performed well and were rated as 5 stars.

Six samples performed well and were rated as 4 stars.

Five samples performed well and were rated as 3 stars.

The performance of 2 samples was mediocre and rated as 2 stars.

One sample "Rubik's cube bird" performed poorly and was rated as 1 star.

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