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Changan Automobile: 10 billion yuan will be invested in battery research and development in the future, and the battery team will reach 3000 next year.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., November 26, Changan Automobile said in an investor research activity that it has set up an Advanced Battery Research Institute, with more than 1200 battery research and development personnel, including senior experts and top academic talents. In the future, another 10 billion yuan will be invested and the battery team will reach 3000 people by 2024. previously reported that Changan Automobile released the self-developed battery brand "Golden Bell cover" at the 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show, deeply ploughing the development of new electrolyte materials and key processes for semi-solid and solid-state batteries. Based on the needs of the whole vehicle, it is developing a leading solid-state battery. From 2025, it will be gradually mass-produced and applied with a weight energy density of 350-500Wh/kg and a volume energy density of 750-1000Wh / L in 2030.

In terms of new batteries, the prototype cell design of lithium-sulfur batteries, metal batteries and other new batteries is being carried out. The energy density is expected to exceed 1300-1500Wh/kg, and the application is expected to be carried out in 2035.

In terms of batteries, it is planned to launch 8 self-developed batteries, such as liquid, semi-solid and solid, by 2030, forming a 50-80GWh battery capacity.

In terms of battery Pack integration, the first CTV technology will begin mass production in 2024, achieving group efficiency ≥ 86%.

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