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Meizu 21 PANDAER mobile phone shell membrane set on the shelves: official toughened film 69 yuan, set from 138yuan

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Thanks to netizen Muir Seth for his clue delivery!, Nov. 27, Meizu officially launched the Meizu 21 PANDAER shell membrane package, which starts at 109 yuan for the phone case and 69 yuan for the dustless toughened film, and the set is now available for pre-sale.

PANDAER antibacterial anti-shell platinum unicorn: 109 yuan

PANDAER wonderful magnetic antimicrobial anti-shell travel star: 139yuan

PANDAER dustless film for a second: 69 yuan

Platinum unicorn + toughened film: 138 yuan

Star + toughened film: 168 yuan

Meizu 21 configuration information is attached to

Meizu 21 will be equipped with ultrasonic fingerprint 2.0, unlocking speed 0.075s; unbounded antenna system 2.0, mid-set gaming antenna, exclusive low-frequency antenna and mSmart Net; with Samsung OLED straight screen, support 1920Hz high-frequency dimming, SGS low blue certification, no strobe certification, etc.; equipped with mEngine Ultra motor, the volume reaches 602mm ³, using mEngine Ultra full-link vibration solution.

The machine is equipped with the third-generation Snapdragon 8 processor and uses intelligent thinking engine One Mind 10.5 to achieve "longer battery life, stronger performance, lower power consumption and faster operation". It has a built-in 4800mAh battery, which can last up to 8.2 hours under the 0-100% limit life model test, and has a 1.74mm narrow frame to achieve the physical fourth-class edge. Meizu PANDAER platinum unicorn antibacterial anti-shell 109 yuan direct link

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