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Great Wall Motor plans to fully enter the European market, and it is reported that the site selection of the R & D center has begun.

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Shulou( Report--, November 27 (Xinhua) Great Wall Motor is planning to fully enter the European market, and after the German and British markets, Great Wall plans to further expand to eight new European markets: Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland, according to Sina Technology.

At present, GWM, the overseas brand of Great Wall Motor, has started production and marketing planning in Europe and started the site selection of R & D center. In Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and other European countries, GWM has established partnerships with local partners and agreements with partners in other markets are under preparation.

Great Wall submitted response materials to the EU countervailing investigation in October, and so far the investigation does not seem to have much impact on expanding the European market. previously reported that the Wei latte PHEV (WEY 03) recently went on sale in Europe for 47990 euros, 51990 euros and 56990 euros (about 370000 yuan, 400000 yuan and 440000 yuan), respectively.

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