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MYVU, the XR brand of Star Meizu, created the first FlymeAR interactive system.

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, Star Meizu Group today unveiled a new XR brand, officially named "MYVU", and Slogan as "exclusive IT'S MY VIEW".

According to reports, the brand pioneered the "lightweight intelligent FlymeAR interactive system", using revolutionary human factor design, the integration of cutting-edge AR technology, will "make all-weather fashion possible."

Xinji Meizu said that as a full-stack intelligent terminal platform for cross-border integration, the group will carry out deep integration and super coordination between the consumer electronics industry and the automobile industry around "smart electric vehicles + mobile phones + XR + forward-looking technology" in the future.

Judging from the previous warm-up, the FlymeAR system will use a brand new Aicy voice assistant, claiming that "it will bring you wild creative creation, custom role chat, smart strategy formulation, Aicy omnipotent Q & A, and omniscience."

Judging from the slogan, Aicy may be connected to the big model, and Meizu AR glasses are expected to be carried in the first batch. previously reported that Meizu AR smart glasses use a "dual-mode true wireless" connection, with the slogan "unattached", which means there is no need to use physical wires to connect power and data devices.

As can be seen from the official poster, the glasses have a curved design on the legs and seem to have a loudspeaker opening, which is almost certain that the glasses are a lightweight design similar to ordinary glasses / sunglasses.

The 2023 Meizu fall borderless Ecology Conference will be held at 14:30 on November 30, when AR glasses, new Flyme and Flyme Auto ecosystem, Meizu 21, PANDAER and other products will be released.

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