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More configurations of the fourth-generation Pentium B70 are announced: 2.0T + Aixin 6AT, front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, FAW Pentium announced more configuration information of the fourth generation Pentium B70, which uses a new dual E six-channel body structure with enhanced 3H, equipped with front McPherson & rear multi-link independent suspension, equipped with 2.0T + Aixin 6AT power system.

The new car will go on sale in early December, and the Pentium B70 currently on sale ranges from 105900 yuan to 144900 yuan. previously reported that the fourth-generation Pentium B70 uses the "Jin, Pure, perfect" family design language, with a frameless multi-breadth grille on the front face, with split headlamp sets and a brand new logo; the length has been increased from the cash 4810mm to the 4855mm, and the wheelbase is still 2800mm, which belongs to the category of medium-sized cars.

The interior of the new car has also been changed, continuing to use an all-in-one large screen, but with a new steering wheel and logo, as well as a new shift mechanism. Officials say the car has been upgraded in terms of interior design, material, function and ergonomics.

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