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Inheriting the classics and deducing luxury depends on the respect of Samsung W24.

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Only with ingenuity and careful craftsmanship can we carry the pursuit of quality life. Derived from the awe of the ultimate experience, the Samsung W series has been passed down for 16 generations and writes the magnificent chapter of the times with ingenious Seiko technology. Today, the heart of the world Samsung W24 inherits the classic, with elegant atmosphere to come, with cutting-edge technical strength and technological heritage, for the ultra-high-end folding screen experience into extraordinary demeanor and style.

Porcelain style, elegant rhyme, respect and honor.

In the era of mobile Internet, mobile phone is not only the center of intelligent life, but also the personal accessories that show aesthetics and taste. With its consistent elegant appearance and cutting-edge technology, the Samsung W series has become the quality choice favored by high-end people. Samsung W24 comes from the world with cutting-edge folding screen technology, which has reached a new height in terms of craftsmanship and user experience, and can be called the aggregator of smartphone innovation.

All the most beautiful things are good at the heart and simple in form. The heart of the world Samsung W24 with a simple atmospheric outline of the shape of a great visual tension, luxury gold color matching armored aluminum material frame, for the elegant and low-key shape into the right highlight, hinge cover, with exquisite craftsmanship to create a gem-shaped checkered pattern and brand logo to reflect each other, in the flow of light and shadow, to create a unique introverted and elegant charm, to further highlight the noble identity of the holder.

Drawing on the profound ceramic culture, Samsung W24 creates a high-end ceramic body backplane with modern Seiko, naturally merging the unique artistic temperament of ceramics with reliable durability, and adds a bit more noble atmosphere to the overall simple appearance. The new "Naduo Grey" color matching has its own elegant and calm elite temperament. at the same time, there is no lack of fashion and modern feeling, which complements the gleaming golden logo "Heart cares about the World", which makes the connotation of "Siren" more majestic for 16 generations. it really shows the minds of elites and good people in the world.

Unfold the fuselage, the heart of Samsung W24's "Golden Jade Beautiful" exclusive dynamic wallpaper from dark to bright, from aggregation to blooming, the traditional gold and jade images spread in the form of ginkgo leaves, new to strong, showing indomitable tension of life. Through the ingenious combination of light and shadow and momentum, the changes of darkness and light in each frame show a gorgeous texture all the time. Smooth curves, beautiful rhythms, wonderful and rich layers of texture flow slowly in the dynamic transformation. Samsung W24 presents this quiet spiritual connotation and elegant style to the heart, outlines a beautiful picture of a quiet life, and also precipitates a gentle and elegant gentleman style.

Folding a new chapter in cutting-edge science and technology

The luxurious appearance builds the texture of the super-high-end experience for the Samsung W24, while the cutting-edge folding screen technology condenses into the powerful core of this flagship folding screen. The 7.6-inch (right-angle) immersive wide screen presents a magnificent life with a grand viewing angle, with a screen peak brightness of up to 1750 nits and an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, making it as delicate and gorgeous as you can see.

While presenting the visual feast with a high-level screen, the Samsung W24 also brings more perfect multi-window views, application continuity, taskbar and other interactive settings, achieving a multi-tasking experience comparable to that of PC. This makes it like a right-hand man, making it easy for business people to deal with various challenges in the workplace. With Samsung W24 exclusive S Pen, you can also quickly record important information on a big screen and easily capture inspiration and creativity.

The calm posture comes from the strong strength, the Samsung W24 also performs well in the performance configuration, the second generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform (for Galaxy) ensures a seamless and smooth operation experience with powerful performance, and the storage space of 16GB+1TB can empower the strong with super capacity. Ultra-long battery life with a capacity of up to 4400mAh (typical value) is sufficient to eliminate power anxiety, wireless charging and power sharing, and can meet the needs of a variety of scenarios.

In the ever-changing era, those classics that do not fade with the passage of time can stand in the tide. Adhering to the ingenuity concept of Excelsior, Samsung W24 brings forth the new with extravagant craftsmanship, fusing traditional aesthetics, modern Seiko and cutting-edge folding screen experience into one, inheriting the long-lasting ingenuity quality and adding another contribution to ultra-high-end mobile phones.

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