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Hongsoft algorithm empowers the true self realme to create a new flagship masterpiece, challenging the latent telephoto image quality peak.

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Shulou( Report--

A few days ago, the true self realme held a super-core imaging technology communication meeting. In this event, True self realme announced deep cooperation with two top industry partners in Qualcomm and Hong soft, ranging from optical hardware, chip computing to image algorithms. The results of the cooperation will first be reflected in the true self GT5 Pro flagship new product, which will launch the ultra-core telephoto imaging system, bring users a new telephoto experience and lead a new inflection point for telephoto images.

The first third-generation Snapdragon 8+IMX890 telephoto combination, challenging the peak of telephoto quality.

As a new flagship masterpiece created by True self realme, True self GT5 Pro, the flagship of True self Snapdragon, takes the lead in hardware with the third generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which fulfills the performance experience (a 44% increase in single-frame processing speed, a 10% reduction in image power consumption, a maximum of 13 frames for multi-frame synthesis, and a significant improvement in image quality). At the same time, it is also equipped with the industry's largest IMX890 superluminous latent telephoto.

True self realme said at the communication meeting that true self GT5 Pro has made unprecedented investment in telephoto images and has industry-leading flagship algorithms. Its IMX890 superlight and shadow latent telephoto has been jointly adjusted by three parties, which can challenge the industry's strongest dim telephoto by virtue of the ultra-high specification of the main shot level.

In terms of specific functions, IMX890 superlight and shadow periscope telephoto achieves the image quality performance that commonly used focal segments are master level, and also supports master level in-sensor-zoom technology, whether it is 3X optical zoom, 6X lossless zoom, or even up to 120x super zoom, with excellent HD image quality performance. By combining a number of advanced computational photography techniques and algorithms, the true self GT5 Pro is able to take both "far away" and "clear shots".

At the same time, this is also the first time that True GT5 Pro's ultra-core telephoto imaging system supports DOL-HDR technology at the telephoto end, and further improves the tolerance and dynamic range of the picture through the brand-new multi-frame selection strategy of 2 × 631, making the picture more pure and realistic. In addition, because DOL-HDR takes two pictures at the same time, even when shooting high-speed moving objects, we can still get enough picture exposure information to synthesize high-dynamic HDR photos, so as to improve the film effect.

Combined with Hong soft and strong, the true self GT5 Pro starts the long focus super light and shadow engine.

What is more noteworthy is that the true self GT5 Pro will be launched by the true self realme and Hongrou jointly adjust the headmaster's focus super light shadow engine, so that the image can achieve stronger light sensitivity, whether day or night, can restore the real light and shadow effect of the scene.

Chen Tao, vice president of Hongsoft Technology, said at the communication meeting: "in order to more completely unleash the potential of the master telephoto lens, Hongsoft Technology is deeply involved in the whole process of GT5 Pro image research and development. From capturing colorful HDR images to creating distinct layers of light and shadow texture, Hongsoft and the true self work together to conquer the core track of light and shadow image quality."

This is one of the deepest cooperation between Hong soft and the true self realme. By going deep into the underlying image architecture, it has achieved a comprehensive upgrade of telephoto image in AI semantic awareness, picture quality enhancement, computing light and shadow, and further broke through the telephoto image quality ceiling. Looking forward to the future Hong soft and true self realme follow-up cooperation to bring consumers a more extreme video experience.

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