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Extraordinary performance dominates the audience: pirate ship DOMINATOR TITANIUM ruler Titan DDR5 memory

2024-02-28 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

In the DDR5 high-performance memory family, the pirate ship brings a new flagship series ruler DOMINATOR TITANIUM to the vast number of gamers, bringing a new design, but also a comprehensive upgrade in performance.

The newly designed ruler Titan DDR5 memory has a very strong appearance, providing a choice of black and white, making it convenient for users to match different styles of installation solutions. The above uses a more simple linear light guide strip, and the lamp strip part uses a detachable design, users can purchase a kit separately as needed, and replace the original RGB light strip at the top of the memory with the classic fin design. This not only improves the playability of DIY, but also pays homage to the classic memory of the first rulers.

The new ruler Titan's top light strip has 11 smart individually addressable RGB LED beads that support integrated iCUE Murals control to achieve lighting synchronization with music, games or movies, as well as lighting linkage with other hardware in the computer.

Excellent performance is a symbol of the memory series of pirate ship rulers, and this time ruler Titan has also made a comprehensive upgrade in terms of performance. It uses ultra-fast DDR5 integrated circuits and patented CORSAIR DHX cooling technology, coupled with A-Die particles, to further enhance the overclocking potential.

In the specification section, the ruler Titan DDR5 offers a wide variety of specifications to choose from:

16GB*2 6000 C30 | 16GB*2 6400 C32 | 16GB*2 6600 C32 | 16GB*2 7000 C34

16GB*2 7200 C34 | 32GB*2 6000 C30 | 32GB*2 6400 C32 | 32GB*2 6600 C32

The memory is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms, and there are optional versions that support Intel X.M.P 3.0 or AMD EXPO, allowing users to use it at hand, eliminating the hassle of manual overclocking.

The specification of this test is: 16GB*2 6400MT/s CL32.

Test platform: 7950X + X670E (6400MT/s / 32-40-40-84)

Under the X.M.P 6400 setting, the ruler Titan achieved excellent results in reading 90686MB/s and writing 90172MB/s, while the delay was only 66.5ns.

Test platform: 7950X + X670E (7000MT/s / 32-39-39-74)

In the case of manual overclocking to 7000MT/s and further narrowing the timing to 32-39-39-74, the measured read 91703MB/s and write 91542MB/s, and the delay is further reduced to 62.6ns.

As the successor of the once high-end ruler platinum series, the ruler Titan series has been comprehensively upgraded in appearance and performance, and has become a well-deserved new flagship in the current pirate ship DDR5 memory family.

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