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Deep Blue cars accelerate to go to sea, with a global sales target of 450000 vehicles in 2024.

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According to news on November 27, Deep Blue CEO Deng Chenghao announced that Deep Blue will continue to build global models and accelerate its entry into the ASEAN and European markets.

He said that Deep Blue S07 and L07 will be officially unveiled in Thailand today, which is an important step in Deep Blue's globalization journey and will be a milestone in Deep Blue's expansion of overseas markets.

As for next year's goal, he said that the team has set a global target of 450000, and Deep Blue has two new products to be unveiled next year.

The new Deep Blue S7i / SL03i model was announced on November 6 this year: 178900 yuan for sale, and the new version of the current model will be launched by OTA in stages. summarizes the pricing of each model as follows:

Dark blue SL03i515Max pure electric version: 178900 yuan

705Max pure electric version: 206900 yuan

Dark blue S7i200Max extended version: 184900 yuan

520Max pure electric version: 204900 yuan

620Max pure electric version: 217900 yuan

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"the Deep Blue S7i / SL03i model is available for sale at 178900 yuan, and the new version of the current model will be pushed by OTA in stages."

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