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Tesla demanded 5 million compensation from the female car owner of the "brake failure" incident and will continue to appeal.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. news, November 22, Tesla v. "Shanghai Auto Show incident" Xi'an female car owner reputation infringement case, the court made a judgment of first instance, found that Xi'an Li reputation infringement liability, must make a public apology to Tesla and compensate 2000 yuan, at the same time bear 20,000 yuan vehicle appraisal fee. It has been identified that there is no braking problem in the vehicle involved.

Tesla asked Ms. Li for 5 million yuan in compensation in the first instance, but the award was only 2000 yuan, according to China Newsweek. Tesla said on November 27 that the incident had caused huge losses to him, with judicial assessment agencies assessing Tesla's loss of orders and goodwill as high as hundreds of millions of yuan. Tesla said he would appeal. note: the defendant, Ms. Xi'an Li, had a traffic accident driving Tesla in March 2021. On April 19, 2021, Ms. Li from Xi'an and Ms. Zhang from Anyang, dressed in costumes with the words "brake failure", appeared at the Tesla booth of the Shanghai Auto Show. On the same day, Ms. Zhang of Anyang was detained by Qingpu Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau for disturbing public order, and Ms. Li of Xi'an was given an administrative warning.

In the course of hearing the case, the court entrusted a judicial appraisal institution to identify the vehicle. The appraisal opinion is as follows: the current technical condition of Tesla Model 3 vehicle (VIN: LRW3E7EA9LC013130) braking system is normal, effective and without fault, and there is no case that the brake pedal can not be pressed and the braking efficiency decreases, which conforms to the relevant technical standards of "Technical conditions for Motor vehicle Operation Safety" and "items and methods of Motor vehicle Safety Technical Inspection".

According to the court judgment, the defendant Li deleted all remarks and comments on Sina Weibo that damaged the reputation of plaintiff Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. within 10 days from the effective date of this judgment, and apologized in writing to the plaintiff Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. on Sina Weibo (subject to the content examined by the people's court) for not less than 15 consecutive days. The defendant Li compensated the plaintiff Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for economic losses and rights protection costs of 2000 yuan.

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