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In 2023, Didi National ride-sharing Day launched a variety of discount activities to help green travel.

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Didi 123 National ride-sharing Day is coming. From now to December 3, users can enjoy different discounts by carpooling in 21 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. In order to encourage more people to join the ride-sharing low-carbon green travel, this Didi 123 National car-sharing Day also launched a variety of creative games, such as inviting friends to help pass and win coupons, cash red envelopes and surprise "free upgrades" luxury cars.

During the period from November 27 to December 3, users will enjoy different discounts, up to a 70% discount, for carpooling at Didi. In addition, invite friends to play Didi ride-sharing planet to help complete the task. You can get ride-sharing coupons or discount coupons at different stages, up to a cash reward of 66.6 yuan or a 90% discount coupon.

In order to repay users' support for low-carbon and green ride-sharing, this year's National car-sharing Day Didi carpool together with Didi luxury car in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou launched carpool X luxury Egg car. In these five cities, users who call carpool at 8:00-9:59 every day during the event will have a chance to hit the egg car and surprise "upgrade" the luxury car. After the luxury car attendant accepts the order, passengers on board will have the opportunity to receive a joint gift package for carpooling, an exclusive picture of a friend in a color egg car, and a 60-yuan no-threshold luxury car coupon for follow-up luxury car orders.

Carpooling users who hit the surprise Egg car only need to pay normally according to the carpool price, and the luxury car attendant platform will uniformly subsidize it. It is equivalent to Didi's money, asking carpool users to be surprised by "free upgrade".

Didi carpooling has always been committed to implementing the concept of environmental protection. Carpooling can reduce vehicles on the road, alleviate road congestion and effectively reduce vehicle emissions by merging the travel demand along the way and picking up multiple passengers at the same time. From January to October 2023, passengers have traveled a total of 1.558 billion kilometers, and Pianyou has reduced its carbon emissions by about 81445 tons.

Didi carpool is also constantly improving the product strength and service level of ride-sharing, continuously optimizing the experience of ride-sharing friends, and improving the efficiency of ride-sharing. From January to October in 2023, the average ride-through degree of Didi car-sharing orders was about 82%, and the average travel time increased by only 3.03 minutes compared with unassembled travel time. For an order that is spelled into overtime delivery, you can enjoy compensation for carpool overtime, minus 1 yuan in fare every 3 minutes.

In order to encourage more people to join the ranks of green ride-sharing, Didi car-sharing recently joined Xianyu and Wanda to distribute a variety of ride-sharing coupons to users.

On November 8, Didi ride-sharing and Xianyu launched a green challenge of "one piece of green travel". Users can exchange a series of ride-sharing coupons for easy green travel as soon as they finish the task on the same day. During the National ride-sharing Day, Didi car-sharing also has a lucky draw in Xianyu, and users have the opportunity to get a 30% discount coupon for ride-sharing.

The cooperation between Didi car-sharing and Wanda also began on November 20. Users can grab a limited number of Wanda destination exclusive ride-sharing coupons at the main venue of the National ride-sharing Day. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, if the destination hits the corresponding Wanda mall, the carpool order can enjoy a 50% discount on the comprehensive estimate of the express car, which is up to 50 yuan less than the estimate of the express car.

In addition to participating in a variety of ride-sharing discount activities, Didi carpool will automatically calculate the cumulative carbon reduction for users, up to 888g, and you can get an environmentally friendly profile picture. If the cumulative carbon reduction reaches the corresponding level, there is still a chance to get the "MBTI limited blind box" of Didi carpool, as well as the "CO bag OL" of Didi carpool and the cross-border joint names of Xianyu and Wanda.

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