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"Yanyun Sixteen tones" has a single plot for nearly 30 hours, and the multi-player mode can accommodate thousands of people online in the same area.

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, by EVERSTONE self-developed domestic open world martial arts game "Yan Yun 16 sound" has been published before has won the widespread attention of players, will be launched next year.

According to the latest official warm-up,"Sixteen Sounds of Yan Yun" wants to retain the immersion of free exploration in the open world while providing players with social fun of multiplayer games.

Therefore, Yan Yun continues to develop single-player, team and online multi-mode, claiming to provide nearly 30 hours of single-player story experience, more than 150 hours of single-player exploration experience, multiple large-scale composite levels, a large number of exploration puzzles, and high-quality large-scale multiplayer online content.

In terms of multiplayer games, the official so-called "multiplayer mode can accommodate thousands of people online in the same area," players can carry out large-scale "script kill" play games. The plot development is not the same reading station, but according to the different identity settings, you can experience completely different play methods.

If the player just wants to play with three or two friends, the official also provides a small range of invitation mechanism, the game will soon launch for matching and mutual assistance of two content, adventure together, enhance friendship.

According to previously reported, at this year's TGS 2023 Tokyo Game Show, IGN announced an 18-minute live demonstration of "Yan Yun Sixteen Sounds." The game description says: "The old hero, has gone with the smoke and legend; the new knight, facing the vast Jianghu, where will he go?" Heaven and earth as furnace, body into sword, cut through troubled times, sword and go. Sixteen Sounds of Yan Yun is an open world RPG developed by Everstone Studios, which will be available for console, PC and mobile platforms with a release date to be determined. "

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