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The new winter fashion star Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is selling well.

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Trench coat and down jacket with sweater, snow boots and trousers folded vest, coupled with velvet cap, scarf and other warm things, the winter atmosphere can always be warm when traveling. In terms of matching trend items, recently, many fashionistas have chosen wireless headphones represented by Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, which have excellent appearance, beautiful sound quality and noise reduction experience, making them a fashion item with great topic this winter.

Simple Design interprets Winter Fashion

Whether it is matched with the combination of clothes and suits to cope with the cold when traveling, or with warm home clothes indoors, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE can become the embellishment of the overall temperament with its simple and smooth shape. Carefully polished appearance design with mountain rock ash, snow white two kinds of color matching to fill the high-grade texture, whether wearing between ears or holding palms, small and smart headphones with exquisite full charge box can show a unique trend aesthetics, let people unconsciously bright eyes.

In terms of earplugs, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE adopts ergonomic cavity design and provides ear wings and ear covers of different sizes to meet the comfortable wearing needs of users to ensure that they can be comfortable and comfortable even if they are worn for a long time. In terms of charging boxes, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE is also compatible with the headphone protection cases of Samsung Galaxy Buds2, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, such as the round Macaron headphone protection case, as well as the joint model headphone protection case launched by Samsung and the major IP, which makes it easy for users to match the desired winter styling.

Good moments of dynamic sound quality will accompany you.

Not only can it meet the high requirements of the good-looking party in appearance, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE can also win the "favor" of users in pursuit of excellent sound quality with its beautiful sound quality experience. Samsung Galaxy Buds FE uses a new one-way loudspeaker, which not only has a distinct level, delicate and pure sound quality, but also gives the song a stronger bass, making the melody drumbeat and bass more powerful, showing a more pleasant auditory enjoyment.

When connected to Samsung Galaxy S23 FE, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE and other Galaxy smart devices, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE can also further reduce audio transmission loss and improve sound quality performance through Samsung Extensible Codec (SSC). In addition, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE also has excellent battery life performance, headphones alone battery life of up to 8.5 hours, with the charging box can be used for up to 30 hours, easily meet the needs of long-term wear. Samsung Galaxy Buds FE can be accompanied by beautiful music, whether at home, at work, or when going out.

Intelligent noise reduction starts immersion experience

Cold winters are often accompanied by strong winds, and if we want to make voice calls with people in such weather, we need the help of headset noise reduction. In this regard, the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE uses a three-microphone design that, in conjunction with personalized beamforming technology and deep neural network solutions, effectively improves call quality and cleverly filters out background noise, even when the wind is howling.

In addition to call noise reduction, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE also supports more excellent active noise reduction and ambient sound features to help users immerse themselves in the music world. When users want to cut off the outside noise, they can turn on the noise reduction mode by pressing the headphone touch area for a long time, while when they need to communicate, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE can simply switch to ambient sound mode and chat face-to-face with others without taking off their headphones.

With the comprehensive experience of design, sound quality, noise reduction and so on, Samsung Galaxy Buds FE has undoubtedly become the "top" fashion item this winter. If you also want to create a personal winter atmosphere, start with it!

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