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The delivery of the Chinese carrier "LNG Geneva": set several world records, and the construction efficiency surpassed that of foreign countries for the first time.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 27, according to China Shipbuilding Group, on November 24, the company independently designed and built the 174000 cubic meter large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier "LNG Geneva", which was not only named and delivered 5 months ahead of the contract, but also set a record of less than 5 months from undocking to completion of the trial voyage. the conventional and gas "two-in-one" trial was completed in only 5.5 days, and the overall construction period was 17.5 months. Cargo tank Yin Wagang welding tightness test 4 times zero leakage point, and so on a series of new historical records.

The delivery of the LNG Geneva marks the first time that the construction efficiency of China's large LNG carriers has comprehensively surpassed that of foreign competitors to lead the world, making the Chinese-made "pearl in the crown of the shipbuilding industry" even more dazzling, according to China Shipbuilding Group.

According to reports, the "LNG Geneva" is the last of a total of four series ships built by the company for China Shipbuilding Group (Hong Kong) Shipping Leasing Co., Ltd., following the Mulan, Guiying and Wencheng. The ship has a total length of 295m, a width of 45m, a depth of 26.25m and a speed of 19.5km. it is classified into British Classification Society (LR) and China Classification Society (CCS).

The ship is equipped with the latest low-pressure dual-fuel engine (X-DF) developed by China Shipbuilding Power, which has low energy consumption and good environmental performance. Compared with the ship of the same generation, the ship is specially equipped with cryogenic devices, which provides a broader range of oil and gas balance for low-carbon navigation, which can meet the needs of balanced utilization of evaporative gas in short-distance, medium-distance and long-distance routes, and fully meet the third phase of ship Energy efficiency Design Index (EEDI) standards and the latest environmental protection requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

According to inquiry, Chen Jianliang, chairman of China Shipping Group Hudong China, said in an interview with Oriental Satellite TV that the localization rate of products from the first generation to the fifth generation, from the first generation to the first generation, has reached 70%, and is fully confident that it will reach 80% or even 85% or more in the next two years.

Shanghai East China Shipbuilding Group also said that the "LNG Geneva" is the fifth LNG carrier delivered by the company this year. According to the production plan, the sixth LNG carrier will be completed and delivered next month, which is expected to create a new record for the delivery of six LNG carriers for the whole year, and continuously consolidate the company's leading position in the construction of large LNG carriers.

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