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To prevent drivers from jumping the queue and grabbing or evading orders, Cao Cao's travel patent can judge whether the online ride-hailing is a false location.

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, Aiqi check shows that recently, Zhejiang Geely holding Group Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Youxing Technology Co., Ltd. applied for "online ride-hailing false positioning judgment method, system, electronic equipment, storage media" patent announced.

The patent specification and summary show that the patent can prevent drivers from using false positioning software to enter the hot area in advance to queue for orders, or to evade low-cost orders by falsifying location information far from the starting point of the order and contacting passengers to cancel the order voluntarily. The invention can punish the driver after judging that the cumulative false positioning times of the online ride-hailing is greater than a certain value.

The method of the invention includes: obtaining the current location information of the ride-hailing, and extracting the identification of the ride-hailing from the current location information; obtaining the historical location information of the ride-hailing based on the identification of the ride-hailing; inputting the historical location information and the current location information into the pre-constructed false location recognition model to obtain the recognition result of false location. Judge whether the recognition result accords with the preset false location judgment condition, and when the judgment result accords with the false location judgment condition, determine the false location of the ride-hailing. inquiry found that Hangzhou Youhang Technology Co., Ltd. is Cao Cao travel related company, jointly owned by Geely Technology Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Geely Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

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