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Great Wall Automobile: hybrid, pure electricity, hydrogen energy three-rail parallel, the next generation of intelligent cockpit platform will be released soon.

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 27, November 26, Great Wall President Mu Feng attended the main forum and delivered a keynote speech, sharing Great Wall's strategic thinking on data-driven as the core to promote the continuous transformation of vehicle enterprises.

Mu Feng said in his speech, "the competition for the second half of the new energy track must be intelligent competition, competing with the data ability, algorithm ability and computing ability of car companies." and the ability of digital intelligence system based on the whole field, the whole process, the whole system and the whole value chain. "

In the field of new energy, Great Wall Motor has established the development strategy of hybrid, pure electricity, hydrogen energy and multiple technical routes, and realized the independent research and development of the whole industry chain relying on the "forest ecological technology system".

In the intelligent driving module, Great Wall Motor's first intelligent driving perception model, DriveGPT cognitive model, 3D NeRF cloud reconstruction model; in the computing level, Great Wall has built an intelligent driving supercomputing center.

In the smart space module, Great Wall provides users with independent spatial perception, exclusive spatial interaction and active ecological services through the multi-modal spatial perception model, SpaceGPT spatial cognitive model and AIGC generative interaction model. In terms of hardware computing power, the next generation of high computing platform in the intelligent cockpit of Great Wall Automobile is about to be released, which claims to "adopt the most advanced cockpit chip in the industry".

According to previous reports by, on October 28, Great Wall Motor released its third quarter 2023 report that in the first three quarters, Great Wall Motor achieved operating income of 119.504 billion yuan, up 20.13 percent from the same period last year; in the same period, it achieved 4.995 billion yuan in net profit, down 38.79 percent from the same period last year; and deducting non-return net profit was 3.807 billion yuan, down 12.27 percent from the same period last year.

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