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Outdoor power is also available for rent: the waiter offers outdoor power rental service at a daily rent of 25 yuan per day.

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Shulou( Report-- November 27 news, the waiter announced today that the online cooperative leasing alliance can use the outdoor power supply of the waiter through leasing.

Users can choose to rent an electric waiter's outdoor power supply, photovoltaic panels and power packages. In terms of price, according to the official introduction, with the lease term of more than 10 days as the limit, the lowest price is 300 Plus outdoor power supply, which is 25 yuan per day, with a deposit of 1700 yuan per time; the most expensive one is 2000 Plus, 99 yuan per day, and the deposit 7500 yuan per time. On this basis, the shorter the lease period is, the higher the daily rent is.

In terms of transportation, according to the official introduction, self-pick-up or mailing is supported, and the freight generated by the latter needs to be paid by the user. attached official questions and answers:

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