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Kuby Rubik's Cube predicts the new cool tablet 2S:11 inch 2K full sticker with black diamond eye protection screen, which will be launched on December 7.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 27 (Xinhua)-- Kuby's Rubik's Cube today unveiled a new tablet, the Xiaoku tablet 2S, via its official Weibo, and introduced the appearance and some screen parameters of the new tablet, which will be launched at its self-operated flagship store on December 7.

The small cool tablet 2S is equipped with an 11-inch full-view, full-fitting "black diamond" eye protection screen with a resolution of 2K, which officials say has a wide full-view display angle and can bring more detailed display details.

For comparison, the youth version of the small cool tablet has a 10.4-inch screen and a resolution of 2K (but the promotional page says 2000 × 1200), which is slightly smaller than the official preheating of the new product.

Officials have not disclosed any other information about the tablet for the time being, and detailed configuration parameters are expected to be revealed one by one later.

According to previous reports from, Kuby's Rubik's Cube announced the launch of the "Little Cool tablet Series" in October this year, which is called "a new upgrade from the inside to the outside, with various versions of your choice." As can be seen from the poster, the Cube Cube officially lists multiple products of different sizes.

Subsequently, the Rubik's Cube launched a 399 yuan anti-addiction tablet "small cool tablet SE" and a 499 yuan 2K full-screen product "small cool tablet youth version".

According to the official website, the main product line of Kuby Rubik's Cube currently includes iPlay Android tablets and iWork / GTBook Windows tablets, focusing on low-and middle-end products, but there are already a large number of products.

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