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Tank 800 will be available next year: positioning full-size luxury SUV model with 3.0T Hi4-T power system

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Shulou( Report-- news on November 27, according to the domestic car media online car market new energy channel "Zhidian travel" report, the tank 700 model commodity director Ma Xiquan revealed in an interview that the tank 800 model has been developed and will be released in 2024.

The car will feature the same 3.0T Hi4-T powertrain as the Tank 700s, but with more emphasis on business and luxury. Reported that the car will compete with BYD's millions of hardliners looking up to the U8.

▲ figure source smart electric travel, the same as below Note: tank 700,800 made its debut during the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021, featuring "wild luxury" and "urban luxury" respectively. However, the two models unveiled at that time may still be unveiled as fuel vehicles.

▲ source tank SUV official WeChat, the same as below

Two and a half years later, the tank 700s were pre-sold as new energy vehicles during the Guangzhou auto show, with a pre-price of 700000 yuan. The first batch of 70 tanks will be delivered in February next year.

For reference, the length, width and height of the tank 700Hi4-T is 5110/2122/1986mm, the wheelbase 3000mm, and the size of the tank 800is more likely than this number. In terms of power, the 3.0T Hi4-T power system consists of 3.0T V6 twin-turbocharged engine and P2 motor, integrated power 385kW, torque 850N ·m, 100 km acceleration known as 5 seconds.

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