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Don't buy it wrong! How to choose a graphics card at 2000 yuan?

2024-04-22 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


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The graphics card market is somewhat lively this year, with RTX 3060, RTX 4060 and RX 6750 GRE among the mainstream graphics card products chosen by mass consumers in the 2000-2500 price range. If you consider installing the machine at the end of the year or during double 12, and the graphics card budget is about 2000-2500, how should you choose? Which specific models should be chosen? Today, the editor will give you a specific analysis.

In fact, it is very simple, 2000 yuan price and do not consider the second-hand situation, the preferred RTX 3060. Why would you say that? We can take it apart in terms of price, technical support and performance.

First, the price is lower although RX 6750GRE was just released in October this year, but in essence it still belongs to the 6000 series of the previous generation of AMD, which is, to put it bluntly, the "youth version" of RX6700XT, so it is similar to the positioning of RTX 3060. At this time, let's take a look at the price. The price of the graphics card of 's brand-new 12GB video memory version in RTX 3060 is generally around 2000-2200 yuan, while RX 6750GRE has two video memory versions, the price of 10GB video memory version double fan small card starts at 2200 yuan, and the price of 12GB video memory version starts at 2400 yuan. From this point of view, RTX 3060 is significantly more cost-effective.

Seven Rainbow iGame RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G L

For example, we recommend the first graphics card, the iGame RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G L of Seven Rainbow, and the three fans also have RGB. At present, can take it down as long as 2149 yuan. It uses white painting plus personalized cyber graffiti style spray painting, as well as 12GB GDDDR6 large display memory, the appearance is cool enough, the performance is not out of date, with core i3, i5 level processors, proper dessert combination. IGame RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12g L also supports one-click overclocking, which can increase the GPU frequency to 1822MHz, pursue 1080p picture quality and run 3A masterpieces with special effects, which is enough to buy it. Seven Rainbow (Colorful) iGame GeForce RTX 3060 Ultra W OC 12G L 1822MHz GDDR6 e-sports game light chase computer independent graphics card 2149 yuan direct link 2, GeForce ecological support is good of course, if only the price difference is not enough to show that the advantage of RTX 3060 is obvious. More importantly, RTX 3060 has the highest technical support for game performance and display effects, including the second generation RT Core, as well as supporting super-resolution, DLAA, light reconstruction and other technologies in NVIDIA DLSS, as well as Reflex low-latency technology. Compared with RX 6750 GRE, RTX 3060 can continue to enjoy the advantages of NVIDIA technology throughout its life cycle as long as the driver is still updated and the game is still adapting.

Although RX 6750GRE also supports optical tracking technology and AFMF insertion technology similar to DLSS 3, we all know that due to the use of RDNA 2 architecture, its actual optical tracking performance is relatively general. New games in the future are bound to support DLSS and other NVIDIA technologies for the first time, and drivers are updated more frequently, so RTX 3060 is more suitable for "fighting the future" than RX 6750GRE.

Star of e-sports, RTX 3060 iCraft OC 12G

Inscription RTX 3060 iCraft OC 12G e-sports Star this card in appearance, it uses three fans design, pure black appearance with metal armor on the four "lightning" RGB light belt, as well as the side of the RGB Logo area, cool degree pull full, workmanship is also the flagship level. Especially the reflow soldering process used by the internal 4 heat pipe heat dissipation module and the high-end graphics card ensures the heat dissipation performance and stable performance release of the graphics card under continuous full load. The price is only 50 yuan more than the above seven rainbow, which can be said to be the flagship treatment of cabbage price. Mingyi (MAXSUN) MS-GeForce RTX3060 iCraft OC 12G DLSS e-sports Heart / computer games / light chase / live broadcast / design graphics card 2199 yuan direct link MSI Magic Dragon RTX3060 GAMING Z TRIO 12G super version

Even if we pull the price to 2400 yuan at the same level as the RX 6750GRE, there are still flagship RTX 3060 graphics cards to choose from, such as the MSI Magic Dragon RTX 3060 GAMING Z TRIO 12G super version. The popularity of the micro-star magic dragon is basically as high as its mortar motherboard, and it belongs to the type of buying with closed eyes. Cool metal armor, unique RGB light strip, temperament is indeed more pure blood and noble than the first two 3060, internal materials and workmanship is not to mention. This graphics card comes with factory overclocking and can further improve the performance limit through MSI's Afterburner small aircraft, which is the favorite type of hardcore players. Weixing (MSI) Magic Dragon Z GeForce RTX 3060 GAMING Z TRIO 12G Super Edition flagship e-sports game design professional computer graphics card 4399 yuan direct link seemingly "cost-effective" RX 6750GRE as a "youth version" RX6700XT, its heat is not low, many people say it is cost-effective, but a careful comparison of RTX series N cards, you will find that this performance-to-price ratio is a bit "water".

It and RTX 3060 belong to the same period of the old architecture "predecessor", there is no advantage in power consumption, more than 180W roaster power consumption, which is still limited by the manufacturer, the design power consumption is up to 230W, the energy consumption performance is not excellent.

In terms of the ecology of technical support and game adaptation, the gap between A card and N card can not be caught up in a day or two. For example, the latest FSR 3.0 technology, which is currently known as benchmarking DLSS, only supports two or three games and cannot become the mainstream. In contrast, NVIDIA DLSS technology now has more than 370 games and applications support, in addition, DLSS 3 has more than 55 games and applications support. Covering the vast majority of mainstream games and applications, it is clear that the use of N cards to get a better experience.

In addition to games, in the field of productivity and AI computing, RX 6750GRE is not as good as RTX 3060. Many people joke that it is only suitable for "smelly playing games". In fact, it is a branch of performance, but a cost-effective product should be a bucket in all aspects and a practical product.

To sum up and see here, readers must have a clear idea of what graphics cards they want to buy. As a digital product, the graphics card is naturally the right choice rather than expensive. Suitable for their own is the highest, I hope the above analysis can help you, thank you.

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