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One store is enough for half a year: black sister toothpaste 5 pieces set 12.9 yuan official departure

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Shulou( Report--

Official Direct Sales [Doctor Kang Household Daily Store]

The daily price of Heimei 3 toothpaste sets is 19.9 yuan. If you order today, you can get 7 yuan coupon +2 pieces of travel clothes as a gift. 5 pieces of 410g are free of postage for 12.9 yuan.

It is equivalent to about 14 yuan/catty, which is really cost-effective:

Tmall Heimei Toothpaste Set 450g, 5 tubes, 12.9 yuan, 7 yuan after coupon, the set contains: wild chrysanthemum 160g + xylitol 160g + red flower 90g +2 tubes 20g travel package, 450g in total.

"Doctor Kang Household Daily Store" is officially operated by Doctor Kang Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd., whose brands include Black Sister, Seven Day Fragrance, White Cat and so on.

Tmall Heimei Toothpaste Set 450 g 5 pieces, 12.9 yuan for 7 yuan coupon

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