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Setting a new industry record, Naha Automotive and Lijin Group is developing the world's largest 20000 + ton die-casting equipment.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Naha Automobile announced today that the world's largest 20000 + tons of die-casting equipment, known as "new industry record."

On December 15, Naha Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Lijin Group. According to the agreement, Naha Automobile will jointly develop the world's largest 20000 + ton die-casting equipment with Lijin Group, which will surpass the 12000-ton die-casting machine used by Xiaopeng, the 9000-ton die-casting machine used by Tesla and Mengjie, and the 7200-ton die-casting machine used by polar krypton. to achieve integrated die-casting in larger areas such as chassis manufacturing of B-class cars.

At the same time, Naha Automobile also buys a number of large-scale intelligent die-casting equipment from Lijin Group. In addition, the two sides will jointly establish a die-casting demonstration manufacturing base in Anhui, set up a die-casting research institute, and create a leading die-casting research institution integrating production, learning and research. it is committed to training high-end design talents in die-casting R & D, technology and tooling for the industry and society. inquiry learned that Lijin Group is a global manufacturer of head die-casting machines, officially claiming a "domestic market share of 50% +." In 2022, Lijin Group launched 12000 tons of super-large intelligent die-casting units, and in October 2023, Lijin Group launched 16000 tons of super-large intelligent die-casting units.

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