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Popular Science, an overseas popular science journal, announced that it will no longer offer paper magazines and will only distribute digital versions in the future.

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Shulou( Report-- November 28 news, according to foreign media The Verge reported that the overseas popular science journal "popular Science (PopSci)" will no longer provide paper magazines, to fully adopt the digital version of the magazine program.

According to ▲ 's popular Science in 1920, Wikipedia learned that popular Science, which mainly publishes popular science in science, technology and natural fields, published its first issue in 1872 and changed to quarterly publication in 2018. Now publishers have officially abandoned the release of print magazines, ending the previous 151 years of paper history.

In ▲ 's popular Science in 1925, Purbita Saha, a former editor of Wikipedia's popular Science, commented on the closure of the physical version of the magazine in LinkedIn. She was "frustrated and angry", saying that "it was shocking that the employees concerned directly announced the closure of a 151-year-old" groundbreaking publication "in a five-minute Zoom meeting.

Cathy Hebert, director of communication for popular Science, said that with the change in consumer trends, we must give priority to investment in the new format, content strategy must go beyond the original products, and in the future popular Science will combine news team with business, video and other content to launch a series of content that meets the mission of the publication.

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