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The official Mod editor of the game "City: skyline 2" has entered the "early visit phase" and is expected to be officially launched early next year.

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Shulou( Report--, November 28 (Xinhua)-- "City: skyline 2" has received mixed reviews due to game optimization issues after its release, and developer Colossal Order is currently optimizing the game, while Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen today described the progress of the game's official Mod editor in his development blog.

▲ source Colossal noted that Colossal Order's previously released "City: skyline 2" roadmap shows that the studio is not expected to initially release the official Mod editor until at least January, but today Colossal Order has announced that the editor has officially entered the "early visit phase."

▲ Map Source Colossal OrderColossal Order stated that we would like to invite all Mod, map and asset creators to join the early access Editor a few weeks before the editor is officially released, so that developers can get started with the tools, test the modules they have created, and share feedback.

As for game optimization, Colossal Order said it expects to launch a "bigger patch" in December to improve the game's performance, after which the development team will take a three-week break during the holiday and continue development work.

▲ source Colossal Order related reading: "Metropolis: skyline 2" publishes updated road map to focus on improving performance and repairing game Bug.

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