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Asus released Godson 3A6000 consumer motherboard, stable overclocking 3GHz under liquid nitrogen

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Thanks to netizen SNOS Snow, soft media user 1520111, Cainiao N, Yuxiang shredded meat for the delivery of clues! November 28 news, in this morning's 2023 Godson product launch and user meeting, Asustek announced the launch of the XC-LS3A6M motherboard, a consumer-grade motherboard that supports Godson 3A6000 processors.

Yu Yuanlin, general manager of Asustek computer open platform China, demonstrated the test results of Godson 3A6000 at the conference, which is better than Intel i3-10100 processor in multi-core fixed-point / floating-point performance. In addition, Godson 3A6000 can overclock to 2.63GHz, while conserved in liquid nitrogen can run to 3GHz (BIOS limit), and can continue to improve later.

Yu Yuanlin (@ ordinary Uncle Tony) has released a test video of Godson 3A6000 last night, which can be viewed by interested partners. noticed that Asustek also lowered Intel's latest 13-plus 14-generation core to the same frequency as 2.5GHz, and found that the overall performance was basically the same as that of Godson 3A6000.

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