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The new hero of "Arena of Valor" Heinuo (mage) went online on November 30 and can get it for free.

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Shulou( Report--, November 28, Arena of Valor officially announced that the new hero Heinuo (mage) will be available online on November 30, which can be obtained in three ways:

After Heino's heroic activity "time listening" was launched, players took part in the activity and got it for free.

Haino is on the shelf fragment store, which can be exchanged through 58 hero fragments.

Heinuo is on the shelves at 13888 gold coins / 588pm coupons and 388pm coupons in the first week. with skills introduction:

Passivity: destiny Insight

Haino has both long-range and melee combat states.

Long range: unite the power of fate to attack enemies in the distance.

Melee: wield the life blade to strike the surrounding area without dead angle.

1st Skill: the pursuit of Life Blade

The hit of the Heino ability will make a superimposed mark on the enemy.

Long range: throws a magic wand that quantifies spell damage. there is an extra throw of the imprinted target in front, and the damage is reduced after hitting the same target multiple times.

Melee: throw a slalom blade to deal spell damage and deceleration. Hit the target to restore life, up to 3 times, the lower the health, the higher the recovery, up to 2 times.

2nd Skill: a whirl of fate

Heinuo walks forward, if there are enemy heroes nearby, enter the melee state, restore life and increase the upper limit; if there are no enemies, enter the long-range state and increase the movement speed; if the state is consistent after the displacement, the recovery or acceleration effect is only 50%.

3rd Skill: a retrospective of fate

Heinuo left a record at the last time of the last long-range state, and the field unfolded after the fate backtracking began, and Heinuo was reduced and restored to life. During this period, it is in a hegemonic and immovable state. After a short delay, it deals spell damage and overlays marks in the field, and traces itself back to the recording point.

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