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Huawei WATCH 4 smartwatch pushes HarmonyOS upgrade: new chord moon window, arrhythmia analysis function

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for the clue delivery of their favorite pancakes! November 28 news, according to netizens' feedback, Huawei WATCH 4 watches push HarmonyOS 4.0 firmware update, version (SP11C00E191R1P193). comes with an update function:

The new quarter moon window is in line with the mobile phone live window, which can be seen when you raise your wrist as a reminder.

New arrhythmia analysis function, that is, it supports both ECG (ECG analysis prompt) and PPG (pulse wave chamber and extrasystole prompt) medical software.

Brand new photo album dial, changeable photo color, time style, functional components, etc.

Support chessboard desktop display application name

New official preset dials such as astronauts and firewood dogs

Add Petal Maps Xiaoyi voice taxi-hailing function

New interval training mode

New heart rate broadcast function

New function of motion metronome

Added track import and export function

Some dials support dual-mode setting synchronization

New Himalayan application for ultra-long service life mode

Other feature items and experience items are optimized.

The all-around mode supports all the above updates, and the ultra-long range mode supports the above 2: 3 and 7: 12 updates.

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